I Have A Dream


I have a dream! I want to create a place where people can go ( You and Me ) to openly discuss, without judgement, our thoughts on Inspiration,Gratitude,Forgiveness, Faith, etc……. Everything that I talk about on this blog and on my Facebook page!  I created a Yahoo Group, I have put the link on its own page as well as in the sidebar.  Now I am wondering if a Yahoo Group is the best place for this group to grow? I am finding that since people get notifications and posts primarily through email ( when using Yahoo groups) that people are saying they do not use e-mail much anymore! Can you imagine!?  (SMILE)

So now I am left wondering how do I go about creating this sacred place where we can enjoy our like-minded thoughts.stories,quotes,etc….?  I know I am greedy! I want more than this blog and my Facebook page! I want active discussions between a lot of people! Much more than I have here or FB.

I have a Facebook Page and now the Yahoo Group, both created with the intention to bring together all of us like-minded people who want to change the world! But the response is low…..what to do?!  Any ideas?  I would appreciate any feedback that you would be willing to share! This is a big passion for me!

Peace and Love~ Christine