What God Wants You To Know……


There is an “app” on Facebook called “God Wants You To Know” have you heard of it? Well I randomly get these notices on my wall, today I read mine and this is what it said.

“when people tell you nice things, stop shrugging them off as if they are nothing.”

The sincere compliments you receive are your jewels, – collect them in your heart, – they highlight the beauty of your being and empower you during challenging times. Never say ‘oh, it’s nothing’ or shrug your shoulders when you hear a sincere compliment. Pause, breathe it in, and really feel its meaning.

Sometimes these messages speak to me, they hold meaning, this one, while very good and true, has missed the mark! NO! Not like that, I totally agree with it! But I am already there! I not only live to give encouragement, but I also love to receive encouragement, positive feedback, and compliments! I embrace each one with the same love as they are given! I learned a long while ago to receive the kind words of others as they are given because to do otherwise is to deny others their blessing of giving love. And well, I couldn’t do that!

Peace and Love~ Christine