It’s THAT Time of Year Again! Are You Ready?!



Every year I spend the week after Christmas creating my goals and vision board for the upcoming year. I’m getting ready as we speak (type) and I thought I would check in with you to see if you are planning on any type of goal setting ritual for the end of the year?

I think vision boards and goal setting (and dreaming) are essential to our life! And what a better time to begin; then the last week of the year?

So what does my year-end ritual look like? For the last couple of years it has involved a little more than just setting the goals to paper and creating my vision board. I will let you in on my secret yearly ritual…..

First I retrieve my present year list from my special box! (more on that later) I spend the last 2 weeks of the year writing down what I accomplished in this last year. Then I write those things I did not carry out or any other thing that did not give me pleasure in the past year. My purpose of adding the things that did not please me? Because I am going to do a releasing ceremony!  So here is what I do:

I take time with these lists, especially, for now, the less than pleasing items on the list.  Why? Because I am going to release them from my life and literally burn the list.  I pray over everything on the list, I thank God for the experiences and anything I may have learned from them. I accept that they happened,whatever that means, and I ask God to take it from here so that I can no longer think about them. And I burn the list and let go.  And I DO NOT look back! If you let it go;then let it go! And the burning part of my ritual happens on New Years eve; as close to midnight as I can get it!

After I have let go of the past years not so pleasing experiences; then I am ready to move into next years goals.  OH and I take the list of pleasing experiences and goals met from this last year and put them back into my “vision” box! ( there it is!)   This is a pretty box filled with my miracles!  Goals set and reached. My box is kept on my bedroom dresser and honestly I open it once a year!

Now I am ready to set next years goals and start on that vision board! These can be (and should be) any type of goal; whether dreaming or set in stone business goals, I write them down!  I put them in my pretty box to await next years ritual! If I need a reminder I can look in the box but for me, I don’t have to, because my vision board says it all! I can take one look at it and be reminded of every goal and dream I have set!

There you have it! My special year end routine!  What about you? Do you have a special routine you do to get started on the right foot each year?

As usual I would love to hear from you!




2013 is my POWER to CHANGE year!  The last week of 2012 I made the Vision board pictured above, God gave me the words that became my mantra for 2013. This is what I look at every morning when I start to work out because I have it sitting right outside the door to the room I work out in. I would have it sitting inside the room, but then I could not see it throughout the day while I am working!

As a result of where I put my vision board I recite this statement many times throughout the day. I say  “I have the Power to Change!” over and over everyday! There are times that I do not feel so victorious, I do not feel like I have to power to do anything let alone change my life! Then my eyes fall upon that vision board! Oh yeah, it works!

Have you made a vision board yet this year? If you have; where does it reside? Is it somewhere it can do you good? Can you see it everyday? If not get it and put it in a place where you can see it everyday! Preferably often throughout the day!

Vision boards are a great idea! But what good are they if we can’t see them, if they are not there to motivate us and keep us on track? Beyond the motivation and intent we get from the initial “making” of the board that is!! Which is in itself a good thing!  But how much better will it be if you can see it everyday!?

So where is your vision board?

If it is not where you can see it, I hope it will be soon!