Having Doubts…

Today is a beautiful day. It’s also a day of doubts. It happens occasionally, sneaks up on me, and at times it is strong. Sometimes the energy of my fear and doubt is as strong as the energy of my faith and belief that I know my purpose and path. 
It’s so important to continue forward motion even when I feel this way- especially when I feel this way!  And so I do. But sometimes it is hard. 

Sometimes I look around and wonder why them? What have they that I don’t?  But I know that is not victor talk it is victim talk. I do not want to be a victim! I’m not a victim! But that kind of talk will creep into your thoughts, my thoughts, at times. I need to remember to place value on those people that do reach out to me and let me know that I’ve made an impact on their life. That my words were the words they needed to hear at that moment. I need to remember it’s those small steps that are part of my path! And are important pieces in the big picture! 

I just need to continue moving forward on my path. 

And you should too ❤️

People Hold Tight to YOUR Mistakes!

It’s hard when we want to change, we begin to change, but people hold us to our past. People will always remember what you said, what you did, and will make lite of what you are NOW saying and doing.  It will get better. As long as it took to create this reputation in people’s minds- it will take a minute or so to begin to break down the past and rebuild your new present!  

But only in the eyes of others. Truth is as frustrating as that may be, what’s important here is that you need only to prove anything to yourself. The rest will follow. But in your heart, deep down where it counts, you know the truth! Are you changing? Have you changed? That’s what matters! 

In the meantime stay strong! Be true to who you are. Don’t let their having to “catch up” bring you down. 

But do think on this- IF you are wishy washy….. If one minute you are this “new” person filled with the strength and perseverance to change….. And the next you are….not, don’t be mad at others for not taking you seriously. Always be honest. Don’t be a victim.; be a victor. Part of that path will be to be honest and accept responsibility! 
You can do anything you set your mind to! ❤️❤️

The Act of Letting Go is Powerful!


To carry around the anger of un-forgiveness is a hard thing to do. It weighs us down and causes more problems than most people know.

It’s a funny thing, we carry around our anger as a badge of honor, but really it is a badge, or sign, that says victim! The first time someone told me that my “grudge” was just making me a victim, that made me sort of angry! I can remember the professor telling me that each time I remembered the injustice, or was prevented from progressing in life due to the blocks this injustice had created in my life, that I was allowing myself to be a victim. I took great offense to the word “victim” and it took me many a day until I could revisit the discussion without being angry about it.

In time I came to realize that the professor was correct. Much to my dismay I had used my past hurts and pains as crutches and allowed them to be blocks standing in the way of my future.

Once I was open to the thought, purging of my anger and pain did not take long and truly was not hard place to get to! I actually got to a place where the forgiveness was so easy, because I didn’t want it in my life any longer! It became so much easier to forgive the person, mostly because I viewed the un-forgiveness (by the way-completely in my control) as a poison in my life! Once you actually believe that- how fast do you think you will let it go?!?  Trust me- lightening fast!

Our past does not serve us nor does it define us!