I’m Back!

sailboatWell I have returned from my, much needed, vacation! This here is a picture I took from the balcony of our cabin aboard our ship! We were in Nassau! Beautiful isn’t it?  I will probably post a few more of my pictures throughout the week. This vacation was all about relaxation and reconnection; and it served me in both ways!

I am now recharged and re-energized! I am ready to tackle all that is headed my way; and God tells me that is a lot! No worries though, it is all good.  I’ve been made aware that things are about to get going in a big way and that I should buckle up because everything I’ve been working towards is about to explode. I am speaking out of pure faith and intuition, this is just what God let me feel this week. So I am going with it!

Besides all that I just wanted to check in and say “hi”, I hope you all enjoyed a great(full) week!

So until later…..keep smiling! You know what that does for me! (and anyone who is fortunate enough to see it!)