The Power of Love!

powerSo I was browsing my Facebook news feed (as I am want to do) when I came upon a post written by Corbin Bernsen.  He recently lost his mother, the great actress Jeanne Cooper (she played Kathryn Chancelor on Young and the Restless) and has posted about the journey, before her passing as well as since. It has been a humbling and beautiful experience to take with him.

I enjoy reading what he writes. I am mentioning him today because, well there are 2 reasons;

1. His post this morning reminded me of the power of love! And what it can do.

2. In case you are not aware of his Facebook page, thought I would post it here so you can take a peek and be blessed.  His writing really is something you should experience. His posts can be long, look I like long…Corbin and me..we have some things in common, one being our gift for being long-winded! Writing my blog has taught me to shorten up my posts, but inside of me is always a long-winded rant,rave, or ramble waiting to happen! And we both lost a mother this year! long or not his posts are worth the time it takes to read them! Now I know you all like to graze over things, just read titles, or look at pictures…..but maybe I can persuade you to actually take a peek at what he writes. It’s good stuff, I have found many nuggets of truth within his writing!

Ok…so here is the link to his Facebook page. Corbin Bernsen writes here!

Let me know what you think!

Oh and on the power of love! This is not a new topic for me. His post today was about missing his mom, I’m sure when people read his writing, as it is with most anything you read, we all take something different away from it. For me, his post today was about love, here is an excerpt;

Taken from Corbin Bernsen’s Facebook page “I know it to be true. And while the mechanics of our problems; upside down economy, unemployment, state of education to name a few will need major overhauls, none it will happen unless we adopt the most simple and again, TRUE LESSON, my mother taught me; Love for one another. Compassion and Hope. Through a deepest faith possible that we are good and showered by God’s Grace and beauty.”

Stop Lying to yourself!


Are you lying to yourself? Are you living a lie? Do you practice what you preach? I guess we all have our moments but I see some people who talk, talk, talk, about how they meditate, how they practice gratitude and forgiveness or whatever the case may be! But I see their lives, I know who they are to me or who they seem to be to the world and it is not in sync with what they preach.

I consider it a blessing to have these people in my life, or in view of my life. Why? Because it reminds me what I do not want to do. How I do not want to live my life. It keeps me aware and careful! More careful of how I live and what I say or write about. I need to walk my talk.

Remember, even the people who rub you the wrong way or push all your buttons are here for a reason. Even if that reason is to remind us how not to live our life!

The worst lies are the ones we tell our self! Just because you say the right words and claim enlightenment doesn’t mean it is so.

Start living your truth!  If you do not like what your truth is, then maybe it is time to write your new story and stick to it! Be honest about the procrastination, the well intended but unfulfilled goals. The lies you tell yourself about who you are or what you want. You need to start being honest with yourself.

The moment you get honest with yourself is the moment you start a new chapter in your life!