It is Ready!

MyBannerMaker_Banner(68)Well…after all this time…..both of my books are now available! Please visit this page and you can read all about it!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Touched by an Angel!


Here it is! The book I told you about last month! Touched by an Angel is here; the above picture is what it looks like!  I have also included a snapshot (at the bottom) of my story! It is pretty awesome for me to be able to hold it and read it…..knowing it is my story! Pretty cool indeed! I love it!

There are 32 other writers who contributed to this book, their stories and poems are compelling and easy to read;as well as inspiring! If you would be interested in buying a copy, I will add a link so that you can check it out!

Thank you for your support! This is just the beginning! I’m still working on the book that this story is taken from!  Well…..the story in this book is about the beginning of the journey that inspired the book I’m working on!  Life gets in the way and I get side tracked, but writing is a passion and I will always return to it.

The empty pages wait for me to return; and I will.  Soon!











Tomorrow is the day!

booksI’ve been so busy with new clients and just loving being back into Real Estate; that I have not fully appreciated the fact that the book comes out tomorrow! YES! Touched By An Angel will be available starting tomorrow!

I’m honored to be published along with some amazing writers! I won’t lie….I’m pretty excited to see my name in print and read my story.  It is a great story, If I do say so myself, and it is the story that started this blog!  I have never told this particular story or I should say this particular WHOLE version.  Trust me when I say I know there is so much more to this story…which is why I’m writing a book about that very thing!  😉   This particular book (story) is just about the beginning…not the entire journey! That will come…and along with it a lot more back story! So you will know just where I came from. Although the Bio in this book will give you some insight into that as well!  Anyway!!!

Interested? I will have more information and links where to purchase starting tomorrow!

Excited= scattered thoughts= scattered writing!

Until tomorrow-Love you all!