Our Experiences Can Be A Shinning Light To Others!

We all have a story, the story of our life. It may be a fairy tale; but it may also be somewhat of a sad story or even a horror story. We do not go into life saying we want to be abused or neglected, or involved in drugs or other addictions. Addictions that will make life a lot harder than it otherwise would be.  But whether we want it or not “it” seems to have a way of finding some of us anyway!

As it turns out, in my case, and the case of my children, we have taken our experiences and used them to help others. We share our stories with others, in hopes that they will be inspired! Inspired to be optimistic, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That there may really be a reason for the madness!! And that there is life after abuse and other life challenges!

It has taken me years to understand that the abuse that I and my children went through…was not in vain. No matter how hard it may have been, I take solace in the knowledge that I can be a beacon of hope for others. Not despite of, but because of my experience.

I have come to a place in my life where I am grateful for all I have been through. No, I do not wish it upon others. But I do realize, regardless of how I feel, others will go through similar. And these people need to know there is more to this life than the problems, and possibly nightmares, that they are living through now. And there is.

So I go on day after day, some days are harder than others, the ghosts of my past definitely visit me from time to time! But my feelings today, on the ghosts of the past, is so much different than it was a few years ago! Why? Because I have learned to be grateful and I have learned that all life has purpose. I know my purpose is wrapped up in those experiences! So I am grateful for them! I am grateful for my life, exactly as it has unfolded!

To not be would be to stop living, to succumb to the sadness that life could be……. and I am not willing to do that!  And you shouldn’t be either! We are worthy of greatness!  So let’s push forward, shall we?

What Has Gratitude Done For Me?

gratitude-be-the-changeWhat has the practice of, the research of, and the constant writing of gratitude done for me??

Well it is thanks to these gratitude practices that I am able to stand in front of people and love them regardless of what some would perceive as a lack of loyalty, let alone friendship or family ties.

It is how I am able to continue to love in the face of inconsideration to the point of tears. Or mean-spirited-NESS that is not only unnecessary but not equal to the love that is given to them.

It is how I truly am able to stand in love and forgiveness regardless of what is happening.  It is how I keep peace. It is how I can write this and not let it break my heart. Truly I only share to lead by example. Otherwise I would not even talk about it. Because I have gratitude in my life, my cup is full and I have peace! And love!

It is my joy keeper! My sanity keeper! It is what keeps me connected to my creator and to openly and in a clear eyed way know why I am here and what I need to do.

This is what practicing gratitude has done and does for me!

YOU Are a Blessing to ME!



This message is to all of you that come to read my story! Those that take the time to find out about my Gratitude Project!
I want you to know that me saying that “I covet your prayers more than anything” is not just words. I DO! I appreciate your taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your taking the time to pray for this project!
I have received several private messages from people that support my project and vision but do not have funds to support it financially…….maybe this seems counter-intuitive (counter-productive) to some;but please do not worry about the lack of financial support! I covet your prayers and your attention to the project!
Please share if you feel it is worthy! Please sign up for updates! Please create a buzz!!
It is all in His hands! We can only do what we can do!!
And that is enough! Our best is always enough!
From the bottom of my heart thank you! And God bless you!