Happy Anniversary!


Wow….I have been blogging on Our Souls Purpose for 4 years today! Happy anniversary to me!  🙂

SO grateful for all my readers/friends! You all are so supportive and encouraging. When I look back on these last 4 years; I’m amazed at the changes……the growth! Personal, professional, and spiritual.

I am looking forward to another 4 and many more!

Love to you all!



We won! We have awesome neighbors and a great community!
There were over 60 People, including the superintendent of the school, opposing this. Not one person in favor. I guess the people spoke and won.

Well the facts that won were the devaluing of property and the possibility of danger to the school kids. So the kids at this school will remain safe from airborne disease. Awesome!

Thank you for your prayers and good
Thoughts! If I can return the favor
Just ask! Prayer works! Not that I was ever in doubt!



Someday I want to build a retreat Center out among the trees; a place where people will come to hear,see and feel everything I write about. A place where gratitude abounds and love fills the air. A place where people can learn to let go of what binds them and stops them from living their dreams.

A rejuvenation Center.

And a birthing center of sorts.

A place to bring forth the life we all are capable of living.

To wake up each morning; to be able to thank God for the day, then spend the rest of the day teaching others to do the same.

Wow…..now that would be me living my dream!