YOU Are a Blessing to ME!



This message is to all of you that come to read my story! Those that take the time to find out about my Gratitude Project!
I want you to know that me saying that “I covet your prayers more than anything” is not just words. I DO! I appreciate your taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your taking the time to pray for this project!
I have received several private messages from people that support my project and vision but do not have funds to support it financially…….maybe this seems counter-intuitive (counter-productive) to some;but please do not worry about the lack of financial support! I covet your prayers and your attention to the project!
Please share if you feel it is worthy! Please sign up for updates! Please create a buzz!!
It is all in His hands! We can only do what we can do!!
And that is enough! Our best is always enough!
From the bottom of my heart thank you! And God bless you!

Do ONE Thing For Me…..



We all want to have a better attitude! We want to “attract” the good things in life!

Will you do just one thing for me?? I promise this one thing is easy, although you may find it difficult, it will take a couple of seconds out of your day, yet it can make all the difference in the world!

Doing this one thing can mean the difference between a good day or a bad one! Have faith! And give it a try!

When you wake up in the morning make an effort to let the first thoughts and words out of your mouth be Gratitude. Just say ” thank you” and mean it…or try to! Feel the gratitude! That is the key! You must feel the gratitude, the love that you want returned to you! If you don’t feel it today, trust me you will…..soon!
You may forget. That is OK. Make a commitment to keep trying until it is habit.
I promise you…. This one simple thing will be the beginning of a change.
So…. Prove me wrong!
Peace and Love- Christine


Saying “Thank You” – It Is Just Good Spirituality!


Say “thank you” and fill up your spiritual bank!!  Seriously-—saying “thank you” is not only good manners; it helps you to feel better! No really, it does.  Being thankful for all around you increases your “feel good”  vibes!

Go ahead, prove me wrong……… ❤