Oh Sunday How I love YOU!

sundaymorningI will not lie, I love all of your brothers and sisters too! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday….each new day brings a smile and a prayer of gratitude!

Each day is a clean slate, an opportunity to start again, to finish that which is UN-finished!  To draw closer to God, closer to Divine, closer to our creator! To become more like the person we strive to be every day!

And yes, it is that easy!  Lets not muck it up with all our over-analyzing!!   Just accept it for what it is!! A day as new as a shiny new penny!

Sunday Morning Thoughts…..


I am sitting here on this Sunday morning feeling very grateful.
Last night 2 of my grandchildren stayed with us, we made Christmas treats for their teachers and bus driver.
I know just how blessed I am to be here with them having this opportunity to….. Well, just to love them.
Right now we are sitting here watching Christmas shows by the light of the Christmas tree, drinking hot cocoa. They wanted cookies to go with their cocoa, I say ” why not?!” So here we sit this Sunday morning eating cookies, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas shows by the light of the Christmas tree. ( don’t tell their mom!) 🙂

Life is good and I appreciate that.
I am grateful.
Have a good Sunday.
Peace and Love- Christine

Good Sunday Morning!!

I hope your day is easy like Sunday mornings should be!!

A prayer for you!

Dear Lord,

I THANK you for this Sunday morning!

I THANK you for having the choice to make it a good day!

I THANK you for New Beginnings!


Peace and Love~ Christine