The sun is shining…..

Enjoying the sunThis morning it was storming pretty good here in Indiana. The thunder rolled, very loudly, all morning and up until noon!  I had some things to get done but opted to stay home and work from here. It was just too bleak and dreary out there!

Now the sun is shinning! It is beautiful and makes me think how similar our lives are to a rain storm. The rain storm suddenly rolls through and causes havoc, only to turn around and disappear, leaving in its wake a beautiful rainbow and the sun shinning…..drying everything up and making you feel great as you smile into the warm sun.

Such is our life! Suddenly things can get out of focus, situations and or people can create havoc in our lives. Then sometimes, just as suddenly, things can get better. And even when it is not so suddenly, when the storm is long and hard,  the sun still, ultimately, breaks through and brings the balance back….it brings warmth and love, We recognize our life again and remember why it is that we love this life and those who are around us.

So if we are weathering a storm today we need only remember that there is a rainbow at the end of the storm….and the storm can’t last forever.  🙂