Dark Places…..Averted

Forgiveness can bring light back into your life.  It will cause you to leave the darkness behind….forgiveness is for you, not them.  This is truth, not just some saying.  It is your lifeline!  Grab on, have faith, and know that every action you take has a direct effect on your life as well as the life of those you love.


I Will Never Give Up! And Neither Should YOU!

I am 54 years old and I have had to fight for everything in my life. 54 years! I am tired…..but I will never give up! hellI have survived through it all and I will continue. You can throw it all at me, I am used to it, but expect me to stand up and fight if need be! I will not only survive I will thrive!

The path that I am on may not be easy, it may be taking a while longer (than planned) to see the difference, see the impact, but I will not stop, I will not back down! I know what God has put in my heart. I know what I  have been through and am going through, and I have faith that it all has purpose!  I can look back over the last 36 years and know it has all been for a reason! Good, bad, and worse!

The bad can come from the ones you least expect it to come from, from those that you believe have your back- it is OKAY! It is all for a reason and we are stronger than we think! We will stand and fight and we will thrive!

Have faith, with me, let’s have faith together that we will thrive and succeed and do everything that we know we are meant to do!

Bring the dream out of your heart and into the universe and expect it to happen and happen in a big way!

I am praying for all of us to hang tight to our strengths and our dreams!  Let us not be weary, let us never give up!