Your Holy Grail….


The Holy Grail, according to Indiana Jones 🙂 is an ancient chalice which carries with it much importance, so much so that he was willing to risk his life, and the lives of others, to find it!

With that thought in mind I think that we all have a Holy Grail that we are chasing! Or should be chasing! What I mean to say is; what is the one thing in life that you would die for? What is that thing that you are willing to die trying to do ( seek until your dying breath?)

I am sure for some people their Holy Grail is money, success, love….etc…..  I started wondering what my Holy Grail is.

I realized that I started the search for my Holy Grail in 2007, April 12th to be exact! That is the day my husband and I moved to Florida. We thought we were leaving for a better job for him, but later learned it was to start my quest for the (my) Holy Grail! I seek wisdom, knowledge, what sort of knowledge? I seek a deep knowledge, a knowing of God and what it is He wants of me. My Holy Grail, that which I have chased now for 7 solid years without fail….is the knowledge of how I will help others. My quest is to learn to serve and honor Him.

I have taken many turns on this journey, many turns which I believe are all leading to the same place… Holy Grail! I am closer than ever! I can feel it. And He whispers in my ear every night to keep on searching! Do not give up! Never give up!

And so I don’t.  And I won’t.

So what is your Holy Grail?

Good Saturday Morning to YOU!

Fred Senior- I have had him for about 8 years. He usually looks a lot fuller! He just needs some TLC!
Fred Senior( yes I name my plants!)I have had him for 8 years. He usually looks a lot fuller! He just needs some TLC!

On this beautiful Saturday morning my mission is to connect and rejuvenate!

The connect is for me; my morning connection to God, Divine, Source, Spirit……… with an added bonus at 8:30am with my friend Shirley!

The rejuvenation is for my friend Fred! He does not look as healthy as normal these days! So last night I moved him into my bedroom, gave him a bit of a hair cut ( sometimes he gets a bit under the weather when he needs a haircut!) and set him by the window.  I am hoping he will get to looking his normal healthy full self in no time!

So what are you doing today to connect or rejuvenate your spirit?


The Higher ME………

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

~Henry David Thoreau

I attempt to vibrate at a high level everyday.

The name is from a song….the name is me at times……probably everyone…at times…..When my soul is in despair I call on the name of the Lord, I ask Him to help me vibrate higher…ask Him to send His loving angels to my side to help me get to a higher level.

My flow, at times, does indeed head in the wrong direction!!

I am human…..


***The preceding is a post from Dec 18, 2010.  It was my 10th post on this blog. I just thought it would be nice to see where I was and where I am. 

I can see from this post that I was growing and finding myself at that time. I can remember the struggle to want to vibrate at a high spiritual plane at all times. I can say back then I was probably 75% of the time a pretty high spirit. Today? It is even better…more confidence and it is easier to get to that place where I feel connected to God  then it was in Dec 2010.