Regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I am grateful that we can come together at this time, when so many are hurting, to pray for strength, peace, and comfort. I can’t imagine what they are going through to lose someone to violence, especially children.

Our children go off to school everyday, we believe they are being kept safe only to have something like this happen. It is going to take a lot of prayer on our parts to help these families through this time of grief.

We can only stay submerged in these feelings of sympathy for their grief for so long. We need to let it go and pray for their strength. We need to  create thoughts of clean while light going out to them….not the dark pain filled thoughts that we are undoubtedly having at initially hearing of this tragedy. They are going to have a hard enough time getting through, the least we can do is let go and send them beautiful hope filled thoughts and prayers.

I pray for them today, for their pain to subside somehow…..that is today. Tomorrow I will not only pray for them but I will pray for all of us that we can let go and send them the best that we have to help them make it through and to give them the strength they will need in the coming days, months, years…….

Love and Peace~Christine