Gun Control will not Stop all our Problems! We need a Return to Love.


**I could easily have titled this post “Our Society is Broken” but I felt more people would read it if it said “Gun Control…” ?**

YES we need to look at our gun laws, not to disarm innocent law-abiding citizens,but to somehow look at these laws and see why they are failing to keep guns from those who should not have them! Ohhhhhh but see, that in itself is a huge problem! We will never keep guns out of the hands of those who want to do harm! They will find a way!! Are we so naive as to think we can eradicate guns from existence?  That will not happen.  So what in the world can we do?!?  Seems hopeless…….

Our society is broken and will not be fixed by simply implementing more gun control! While our laws are not working, obviously, and can stand for some looking at, this is not what will fix the problem.

Our problem is on a consciousness level.  Our people are broken. I should say so many of our people, not all. We need a return to love and that includes tough love.  We need stricter consequences as well as learning to treat each other better! And we need to teach about personal responsibility!

Should we look at gun control? Yes. We need to make sure the mentally unstable can’t get their hands on guns, but truth is no matter what we do there is always going to be a way. Sadly.  But we can do our due diligence and we should do that.  We should not hear stories of how some child or mentally unbalanced person got their hands on a gun in what seemed to be a legal way by mistake.  No. That is unacceptable and needs to change.  Consequences at the sale level.  And consequences for criminals in general needs to change, get the innocent and misdemeanors out of jail and make room for the real criminals! Jail reform and police/judge reform?  I know most of the people who commit mass murders end up dead, like 99.99%  and in these cases consequences would not matter or would they? At some level consequences (during formative years)  for right and wrong make a huge differences and will/would have a ripple effect in the long term on a consciousness level.  If that makes sense.  I am just saying we need to start raising our children/our citizens to learn right from wrong! By implementing strong consequences and personal responsibility as a way of teaching in the home, with consistency, our children, thus our citizens will be raised to understand the gravity of human life. Knowing right from wrong, reality from fantasy, the gravity of human life, this can make a difference. Being raised with respect and learning the importance of giving it and learning what it means to earn it.  And learning to take responsibility when we make mistakes; from the smallest to the biggest they all matter, especially in the formative years!

We all need to learn to practice love. Love for one another. If you think the lack of love in our society is not contributing to out current problem, think again. There is a psychological warfare going on out there and it starts at birth! With some people it begins in the home and continues on the playground where the child is reinforced with the thought that in the great scheme that is life he doesn’t matter, right or wrong he seems to lose, and there is a game to play not a life to live. We all become pawns in the game that is this persons life.  Do you think love could have made a difference? Well maybe one person loving him at home may not have been enough, maybe, but it could have been. But what about a society that is brought up in love and respect and extends that wherever they go? Do you think that could have made a difference? I do.

This is that ripple effect and I believe it is where we really need to do the work. We need to see reform from our local law to our federal, from our crooked apathetic politicians to our apathetic parents, and let’s not forget our churches and those who fill their pews, there needs to be an infusion of humanity, sacred and filled with love for there to be a shift.  Gun control laws alone will not make the difference we need to see.

Yeah I could go on and on about this subject but I won’t. And many of you may think I am over-simplifying things and I will respectfully disagree. I do think love can change the world and definitely think it can change this issue. Would it take time? Yes! I am not proposing magic (although I feel it is pretty magical) I am proposing love, pure unadulterated love for one another.  And more love, respect, and consistency in the home and at school.  More love between adults to show as examples to children.  Our children need examples of love but sadly are being raised around a lot of hate.  Hate, lack of discipline, lack of consistent good examples, why are we surprised that we have a problem?  I believe if we raise our kids in a place with love, respect,consistency and accountability we will see the changes we need to see.

This is not just about changing the way we raise our kids, it is about loving one another. In order to create a more loving environment to raise your kids in we must love one another.  Stop all the fighting! Grow up and learn to stop sweating the small stuff. Teach your kids to be grateful and to love one another for who they are and to see beyond the differences.  Teach your kids to love themselves.  And to teach them self-love you must love yourself first.  Ripple effect.  Examples.  Actions speak louder than words every time!

**My prayers are with all those affected by the recent shooting in Oregon and with all those affected by gun violence or any violence.

Bigger Than ME….. Bigger Than Everything!

god is for us



I am feeling small tonight! But not in an insignificant way, no, I am feeling small in the sight of God. HE is bigger than anything I can see or imagine and for some reason, tonight, I am feeling that, I mean …feeling it deep down!  Deep, deep down in here!

I live every moment of every day with the wish to show others what a life devoted to God means, what it looks like. I know many people have left the church, and even God, because of bad feelings, because of being treated poorly by people who professed to be Christians; I know this is true!  Knowing this I have tried to walk a line, a very thin line, where I could make all people feel welcomed and safe- to watch, listen, hear and hopefully ultimately feel safe enough to come back to the arms of God.   Sometimes I feel that thin line is a betrayal…but I know it is not because He has shown me that there is a significant need out there, people who are falling through the cracks, and it is going to take patience, kindness, and unconditional love to bring them back. To let them feel the love and hope of God once again. And I know not everyone agrees, there are so many stories out there, so much pain.  But I want you to know above all else; I love you!  There is nothing untrue about that! And I feel by sharing and teaching gratitude, forgiveness, love, encouragement….I am doing the best I can to fulfill my service to Him.

Now I do not ask that you believe what I believe, I do not ask that you do anything against your will, all I ask is that you give me a chance, give love a chance. Love can conquer all! It truly can. And respect me enough to know regardless of whether we have different beliefs, I love you and I say nothing to offend!  Let us show love to one another!

Look I respect you, I love you! All I want is the same love and respect in return. And yes, I expect to earn that! I believe I already have in many cases!

I would never try to tell you that your dreams, or your convictions are not right, or not worthy! We all have something deep down inside, driving us towards greatness, driving us towards change, creating change in this world…whether it be being the best mom or dad in the world or being the best evangelist or the best entrepreneur! Whatever it may be….I would never try and discourage you from your calling. And I want the same treatment…. this is my calling.  He has put this way down deep inside me and it took me years to figure out exactly what it was….but now that I am here I am unstoppable!  And all I ask is that we all respect and enjoy the ride as best we can!  ❤ 


Have Courage! Stay On Course!




The road is not straight, the one I walk, it is curved and filled with ups and downs along the path and sometimes there are pot holes. That’s the way it is and the way I knew it would be.  I accept that and I am working on not letting it bother me and to definitely not let it change the direction I am walking. I am learning to just move along at a pace that is comfortable and to avoid the pot holes.  That is not to say I am not up for a challenge and that I can’t step outside my comfort zone; I can and I do. It is just to say that I realize I can’t please everyone and there will always be people who misunderstand, or choose to make what I am doing out to be a self-righteous act or an act without humility.  I know that is part of this journey; and I am OK with it. DO I wish I could just get there without the pitfalls? umm yeah! Sure! Who wouldn’t? But it is not realistic of me and I know to affect change on masses you will most definitely face people who sometimes want to see you fail and will scream really loud to try to make that happen.

It is important to have courage and faith if you plan to stay on course.  If you let other people shake your faith because of their beliefs, whether about you or about the subjects you speak on, then you will fail!  Will we be shaken sometimes? Yes, that is normal.  We all have to grow in our own time and it takes experiences to do so.   Our experiences are what molds us, our reactions to those experiences and our ability to either grow from them or blame them are who we are.

At the end of the day we can choose to be a better person or we can choose to excuse our behavior because of ___________fill in the blank.  I am objective enough to understand that my idea of unacceptable behavior may not be yours! I get it! But at the end of my day I choose to be my idea of a better person and I make no apologies for that. I do acknowledge that it didn’t happen overnight; it took me years to get to where I am and it took work.  I could have let my past define my future in a much different way and I guess I did for a long time; but not anymore. I have chosen to grow and I have chosen to share that with others as well as be an encourager, I write every day about life, I try to encourage others and I get so much encouragement back!  I know it can’t always be perfect, I know I will run into people, on occasion, who do not agree with me and who think I am a putz for my beliefs….in the beginning that bothered me, today I am at a point where not only does it not bother me, but all I can find in my heart to respond is “I love you and I respect your thoughts!”   And I am OK with being this person….because it feels good and it feels 110% better than the way it used to be! And that can’t be a bad thing!