New Horizons………..

sunrise1This is the name I have chosen for my new business…. why? Because I feel every morning when we wake up it’s a New Horizon, a new opportunity to do it over again, maybe get it right, or get it right again.  I do not know what the future holds, but what I do know is each day I can wake up and be grateful for the opportunity to do it all over again! I love that!

And this is not the only reason!  Another reason is because my business is Real Estate and I feel when a family, couple, or young adult ,buy a home it is a New Horizon! It is a new opportunity, the beginning of a new journey!

Recently I was wondering how I might combine my encouragement writing/coaching with my real estate business, I was thinking about it when I remembered why it is that I went into Real Estate in the first place; to help others. I wanted to help people with what would amount to the single largest purchase in most people’s lives! I wanted to be a part of that journey to home ownership or home replacement, downsizing, whatever the case might be, I wanted to help people get there! And why did I start writing and exploring gratitude,encouragement,forgiveness, etc…? Because I wanted to help people!  These two businesses go hand in hand.

What I have realized is that I need to let it go and let God continue to lead me…. as long as I trust Him to guide me where I’m going I know it will all work out!

I will live my dream through both of these endeavors!

The grateful Realtor…that’s me!   Can’t lose with that attitude,right?!   🙂


Versatile Blogger Award!

I am humbled and honored to have been chosen by, Joy at , for the Versatile Blogger Award! As she said before me, I also am not familiar with the Versatile Blogger Award…..but I am honored whenever a peer recognizes my writing and feels it is worthy of an award!  Thank you! And to be included among so many other bloggers, again…I am humbled.

If you have not visited Joy’s Blog you surely must! Her posts are honest and very insightful. When I read her posts I feel as though I am having a conversation with a friend. I thank her for that, I thank her for being an inspiration!

Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1. Thank the person, who nominated you.  If you have not already visited Joy’s site, please do. I hope, like me, you will feel very connected to her through her writing.

2.  Tell seven things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers.

4.  Post the image of the award in your acceptance post.

Seven things about myself

1. I am the mother of 4 adult children and Grandmother of 9, ages 2-12. My family makes me very happy and blessed!

2. I am attempting to write 2 books at this time. I am almost finished with one ( subject being in relation to my spiritual writing) and am stalled on the other ( it is an autobiography…not mine, I am a writer on the project). I have great expectations for both.

3. I grew up in San Diego, California. I spent my years between 5 and 13 in Coronado, Ca. and then from 13 thru 38 in the San Diego area. ( Mostly Chula Vista, a suburb about 8 miles or so North of the Mexican border)

4. I worked for a Trauma surgeon, doing his coding and billing ( and many other things) for 5 years. I worked in the medical industry overall for about 13 years.

5. I was the manager of a fitness center for women. LOVED it! And I am a licensed Real Estate Broker ( in referral)

6. I am currently in school to become certified as an Empowerment Coach! I am thinking of giving myself the title of “Encouragement” Coach rather than Empowerment or Life Coach!  Why? Because Encouragement of others is my life’s purpose. What a better way to live my purpose than to be a coach on the subject?  To be able to encourage others to be the best that they can be and get paid? That is a dream come true!

7. I am inspired by many people. I read blogs and books every day in order to inspire myself. When I write, you will  usually have found me, minutes earlier, engrossed in a book or blog. I get many “ah-ha” moments at these times. I write because I have to get the “ah-ha” out!

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