YOU Are a Blessing to ME!



This message is to all of you that come to read my story! Those that take the time to find out about my Gratitude Project!
I want you to know that me saying that “I covet your prayers more than anything” is not just words. I DO! I appreciate your taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your taking the time to pray for this project!
I have received several private messages from people that support my project and vision but do not have funds to support it financially…….maybe this seems counter-intuitive (counter-productive) to some;but please do not worry about the lack of financial support! I covet your prayers and your attention to the project!
Please share if you feel it is worthy! Please sign up for updates! Please create a buzz!!
It is all in His hands! We can only do what we can do!!
And that is enough! Our best is always enough!
From the bottom of my heart thank you! And God bless you!

My Story and My Vision……if you are interested.


I have a vision for my Gratitude Project. If you care to learn about it please use the link.  Regardless of whether you feel led to contribute or not I would be so blessed if you would take the time to read the page description and the update. Maybe you could even sign up for the updates! That would be awesome! Seriously your support by reading,praying, and sending good thoughts for the project will be greatly appreciated!!   Just click the big green box that says Gratitude Project!  And thank you!



Prayers and Faith

Hello everyone! So here I am to say hello and ask for a few prayers. 

First I’ll ask for prayers and good vibes to be sent my husbands way! He will be having his first ever major surgery on Friday! He is having his knee replaced. I know he will appreciate the prayers and good vibes!! 

Now on to me! See my picture up there? Well on my chin is a dark spot. It will be removed on the first of Nov. My Doc says it could be melenoma but I’m seriously optimistic that it is nothing!! They have tried to burn it off and shave it off but the darn thing comes back with a vengeance! So he says time to visit the plastic surgeon and cut that thing out and biopsy it!  Along with two other cysts. So come Nov 2, I’ll be a little sore. I would appreciate prayers and good vibes for speedy recovery and the absolutely perfect outcome I know I will have with the biopsy!  

And guess what? My book should be in edit next week! It’s in my publishers hands for another once over. We have been playing a game of tag with the book. I send it to her and she sends it back with suggestions!! I’m hopeful we are finally done with that!!! And on to edit!! Yay!! So my Fall release may be a Christmas release!! But what a better time for a book on gratitude than Christmas time!! 

Have a great day and thank you!!