Prayers and Faith

Hello everyone! So here I am to say hello and ask for a few prayers. 

First I’ll ask for prayers and good vibes to be sent my husbands way! He will be having his first ever major surgery on Friday! He is having his knee replaced. I know he will appreciate the prayers and good vibes!! 

Now on to me! See my picture up there? Well on my chin is a dark spot. It will be removed on the first of Nov. My Doc says it could be melenoma but I’m seriously optimistic that it is nothing!! They have tried to burn it off and shave it off but the darn thing comes back with a vengeance! So he says time to visit the plastic surgeon and cut that thing out and biopsy it!  Along with two other cysts. So come Nov 2, I’ll be a little sore. I would appreciate prayers and good vibes for speedy recovery and the absolutely perfect outcome I know I will have with the biopsy!  

And guess what? My book should be in edit next week! It’s in my publishers hands for another once over. We have been playing a game of tag with the book. I send it to her and she sends it back with suggestions!! I’m hopeful we are finally done with that!!! And on to edit!! Yay!! So my Fall release may be a Christmas release!! But what a better time for a book on gratitude than Christmas time!! 

Have a great day and thank you!! 

Take The Challenge! Be Surrounded by Gratitude!

MyBannerMaker_Banner(6)Want to be surrounded by gratitude? Want to belong to a group of like-minded people? People who believe in positive attitudes and choice. You can belong to a group like this, now! The Gratitude Challenge is a 30 day challenge designed to immerse you in gratitude, encouragement, and love, to raise your vibration so that you will learn to be joyful and continue every day to reach for better thoughts!  And when you take the challenge you will be added to a group filled with others who want to strive to be their best!

Through simple daily exercises that take no more than a few minutes, at various times throughout your day, you will learn to be more grateful for what you already have and learn how helping/loving others is the key to everything!  When you encourage another person you are helping them. When you send out prayers or good thoughts for another person, you are taking a few unselfish minutes and devoting them to another. That is powerful!   And it will knock down any walls you may have built up around yourself, walls that may be stopping you from living your best life!  Gratitude breeds love and caring for others.  It just does!

I know sometimes we have problems that seem bigger than life itself! And it can be difficult to figure out what the problem is, we feel like we are being sabotaged at every turn! We just do not know how to turn things around!  I believe if we shift our focus away from our problems, as hard as that may be, we can not only get some perspective, but we can open a window of opportunity for growth! We can learn to help others to help ourselves!  I believe the choices we make when we are facing problems determines just how long we stay in the weeds and just how bad those weeds may get! At the very least learning to appreciate things, even when times are hard, will sustain us a lot more than worry and fear!

If you would like to take the Challenge-

Ask to be added to the Challenge Facebook group!

You can also visit the challenge page for more info!