blessings5Each day move forward into the blessings that are yours! Bring on the favor! Let it pour into and onto your life! All over you!

May you wake up each day with the earnest desire to seek your blessings, to speak your blessings! Earnestly, desperately, passionately, seek and accept your blessings!

Be thankful now, before you receive, with the knowing that it is yours!

And then…..

Pass it on! In magnificent generous love!

Sometimes I Wish….

I could write poetry. I can feel my soul singing and wish I knew how to get
that ” out. I admire those who can.
I write and when I write I feel deeply (if you are one of my regular readers; you KNOW this is true!) my writing, at times, can be described as too passionate. I know I go off sometimes on my little rants.
But writing with conviction and passion is not poetry! It’s funny how my heart and soul at times feels so flow-ie when I write…. It feels poetic… Yet it is not. It is just me. And I am Ok with that.
But at times I wish I could write poetry.

Pray with INTENT


The emotions we feel when we pray creates a deeper connection to divine energy.

When we pray with uninhibited passion, gratitude, and love… We allow God to work miracles.
Do not limit God! Invite Him in and trust! Have faith and you will see.

All this or something better! Always! !