Change, again?!?!


It is true that the people you need in your life will be there when you need them, then once you no longer need them or them you, they leave. While it may not make sense, it may be for the best.  Sometimes a relationship falls apart for a reason, and sometimes a relationship falls apart for no clear reason.  I have not had the latter happen, until recently! When it happened I didn’t understand it and was extremely bewildered, I felt betrayed by the person, mostly because I did not know what happened. Losing a relationship can be a hard thing even in the best of circumstances, but when the other person will give no reason for the leaving (or refuses to talk to you) and just leaves, it becomes an even more difficult situation.  Communication is the cornerstone of ALL relationships, when one refuses to talk both parties suffer.

What I learned is it doesn’t matter the why’s, all that matters are the “facts”. And the facts in my case were that no matter what I said or how often I reached out, this person was leaving! And by their choice not mine! But this person took it to another level, a final, albeit immature level, by cutting connections on social media sites.  While I recognize how immature this “un-friending” is, I also recognize (the point they were trying to make maybe?) for whatever reasons this relationship is over to never be revived.

OK, so why am I telling you this? I do have a point to make! And maybe a glimmer of hope to those going through similar situations! A few months ago I told you about a text message I received (from this same person) that was the beginning of the end and how in the same time frame I was offered a new opportunity!  This certainly softened the hurt I felt by the “leaving”  or what I felt was turning into a leaving.  Well, it has happened again! Same person and in the same day I have been given a new opportunity! Again! So, I have come to realize, if I had any doubts, that while we may not always understand why a relationship needs to end, ending can be a good thing.

Would I like my relationship back and not my new opportunities?  No!  I would like both. But it is not my choice. This person has gone out of their way to separate themselves from me for no clear reason. And being as there was no clear reason (that I can detect) they have come off as an immature, mean-spirited,person. And quite frankly I am better than that! So I guess I really would not want both if this is who the person truly is. I do not need that in my life and neither do you.  If someone goes out of their way to show you who they are and it is not the kind of person you want to surround yourself with, then why hang on? Again, this may be the reason that God has shown me I have many opportunities in this life !  I do not need people dragging me down with their negativity and keeping me from my goals.

So if someone is leaving your life maybe consider letting them go! If someone doesn’t want you, why would you want them?

So to end this on a positive! YOU shine brightly as long as you do not get bogged down with negativity! Let your life flow! It can’t flow (in the right direction) if you’re  surrounded by negativity!  Be the love you want to see! That includes loving those who do not want our love returned. That is OK.  God never said it would be easy, just that we must do it!

Peace and Love~ Christine

Embrace the change! It could be the best thing that ever happens to you!

I Have STUFF to Say!


Today is a repeat kind of day! I’ve decided to start compiling “things” I’ve said into one place!  An archive of my “Pearls of Wisdom” if you will! So here it is! This is my start…….
You do not have to read it, after all I am just repeating myself…again!


“Be grateful for the hard times ! Hard times make us who we are and allows us to appreciate the good times!”


My advice on what to do when confronted with a negative person!!

“SMILE! WAVE! AND WISH THEM A GOOD DAY! 🙂 There is no reason negativity has to make a difference in your day or your mood! Rise above it and move on!”


“If you’re not happy with your life as it is, write a new story! This is one of the most amazing things about life- it’s your choice to stay on your current course OR to head in a different direction. I think too many people feel like their story was written long ago and they have no choice. Once you realize the choice is yours…. The feeling of empowerment is powerful!!”


“It’s not good to judge others, but even worse is when we judge people based upon who they once were and not who they are today. Allow others to grow….and change!”


“Constructive criticism is a good thing! But it is all in the delivery! If you are going to hand out advice in the form of constructive criticism it may be a good idea to begin with something positive!”


I imagine this one has been said a lot by many different people

“Have the courage to live your life the way God intended it!”


“If I asked you “Do you love yourself?” what would you say? Do you judge your self? Criticize yourself? That is self-abuse. Self-criticism and self-judgement are forms of self-abuse. And we all know ABUSE is NOT love!”


“I have Faith that as long as I persist I will succeed! Some days it feels like the road is EXTRA long! But I will continue! At least I am having FUN along the way!! I hope you persist in your dreams and goals! YOU CAN DO IT!”


“Good morning! Are you planning on today being the BEST DAY of your life?! If not…why? Plan it, say it, own it! Today is going to be the BEST DAY YET!!”


“Who do you need to forgive? While you search your heart for those that have transgressed against you do not forget to look in the mirror and make sure you have forgiven YOU.”

I’ve got many, many, more! But I will save them for another day, another post!
Until then-
Peace and Love~ Christine

Be Happy Anyway…..


People will find reasons to knock you. There will always be someone, somewhere, who is going to find fault for something you have said, done, or wrote. That is  just the way it is.

Does that give us a pass to be unkind? Or Selfish? Or to lie down and give up? No! Be happy, kind, successful anyway! Despite the haters! Because of them! If that gives you motivation then I say  ” go for it!”

We can’t make everyone happy all the time but we can make us happy when we want!  It is our choice!

Yesterday I was looking through some pretty amazing stats on my FB page. I was happy with the numbers I was seeing when something caught my eye, this something said “negative feedback”  I do not know what exactly this means, other than the obvious! I did a little research and found that it specifically meant what I thought it did……it was the amount of people who either “hid” my post or said something negative about it.

😦                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   At first it bothered me a little, but then I figured you can’t please everyone all the time! And since my post was positive and uplifting I knew in this case that really applies!!
So I chose to forget about it and be happy! Why ruin my happiness over the numbers I was seeing on my page? Exactly!

This is just a minor example of ways that my happiness would’ve been stolen from me in the past! I would have allowed those stats to bother me into complete obsessive unhappiness while I tried to figure out why someone disliked my post! (Smile)  Not any more!

I hope you too can know when to just tune out the negative and choose to be happy! Because there will always be people around who want to steal your happiness!

Love and Peace~ Christine