What do these things have in common?  Well I like to refer to the quote above by Buddha (and I often do) when I say that these emotions ravage your body the same as if you drank poison and expected the other person to die!  They ravage your heart, your soul, your mind, they do nothing in comparison ( if anything at all) to the other person!!

So why do we do this to ourselves?! God does not want us to ravage our bodies with the likes of anger,revenge,grudges,mean-spirited actions or words, UNForgiveness, etc…..

What can we do to stop? I start with prayer. Prayer for the other person. Praying for those who have transgressed against us opens a window for God to work His miracles! And sometimes….Oh MY do we need a miracle to get over things!

It can be a simple prayer…..

“Today I want to pray for those who have hurt me! Please be with them today and everyday.”

Crack that window!

I see….You see……We all see….something DIFFERENT!


Isn’t the human mind a wonderful thing? We can witness the same situation, yet remember it entirely different. We can make a plan, yet we will both get details wrong. We have a conversation and 10 minutes later think we were talking to someone else!  It is indeed an amazing thing!

When it comes to business, we need a written plan, but not just that, this is also why we need signed contracts. Don’t be offended when a contract comes into play. It is really a good thing.  I have learned, from experience, that even a friend will disagree or worse yet…..just decide to disappear and not honor your “plans” !  So get a business plan and contract in writing.  Yes, even with friends! (especially??)

Our penchant for getting the details wrong is an interesting flaw characteristic! And it is not exclusive to only certain people. It is a characteristic that we all have..sorry. Good news is, we may have it, but we do not have to exercise our right to use it!  We can, and many of us do, practice the art of listening!  If you learn to listen, really listen, you will cut your error rate way down!  ** Note to anyone who needs to hear it…… listening intently for the person to be quiet long enough for you to get a word in edgewise=not listening!  Just saying!

Will this fix the problem? Not entirely, because we can’t make the others learn to listen.  We can only take charge of ourselves;but this will work to raise our levels of enjoyment in life immensely!   And what more can we ask for than to be responsible for our own happiness!?!?  OH…and to know when to walk away!