Dark Places…..Averted

Forgiveness can bring light back into your life.  It will cause you to leave the darkness behind….forgiveness is for you, not them.  This is truth, not just some saying.  It is your lifeline!  Grab on, have faith, and know that every action you take has a direct effect on your life as well as the life of those you love.


Darkness? Yes….But I DO See a Silver Lining!

silverliningSometimes it is dark, so dark we can’t see any light. But there would not be darkness, I mean we would not know what darkness was, if not for the light. Right?  That is how I feel today, I have bitter disappointments coming at me from many directions, and I’ve  been dealing with heartaches for months now, but even in this darkest of dark days I see the light. I know light therefore I also know dark. It is that simple.

I do not mind the darkness, because of the light. I have every confidence that there is light!  Light at the end of the tunnel? No, light in every minute of every day, Every moment that I spend in this darkness there is a voice deep down inside that cries out “I know there is light” and I smile. I know it all gets better at the end of my story. And that knowledge keeps me smiling, keeps me moving forward.

I realize not all people see this light. I pray they will, someday, see it as I do. Because it is beautiful and it is encouraging. I move on and forward into the day and night knowing that I have joy. And when I forget I’m blessed to have surrounded myself with people who will remind me! And better even they carry me through. I am grateful for them.

So, yes I am in darkness today, at this moment, yes it is dark and I can even feel anxious at times. But every other minute I feel hope! I breath in hope! I feel hope!

Thank you for being here, for being my shoulder when I need one. Thank you for your joy, your words, your encouragement. I love you. 

You have no idea when and where your words of kindness may help another. You have no idea where or when your smile may encourage another. Just remember as you go through your day, a miracle for someone today could be your smile. 

So smile and remember….in the darkness there is light if we choose to see it.

I love you!