With Age Comes Wisdom…. or so they say!

They say with age comes wisdom. I say we must actually “live” in order to gain that wisdom. Some of us sleep walk through life and never gain that wisdom which seems so rightly to be ours just for the sake of age. 
We must earn that wisdom. Wake up. Actually be present!  Live our lives and gather wisdom as we move along our life path! 

If we do not wake up we may just get old…. period. ❤

It Has Been A Hard Week…..

policeThis has been a hard week. We went to Alabama on Friday to see my brother one last time before he passed; we didn’t make it.  I am okay about it, I know it happened the way it was supposed to. But my other brother, he had a really hard time and that was hard.  My brother, Robert, was 57 years old in April. He was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with Mets to the liver and lungs, in Jan 2008. He has been through so much! He had many surgeries, beginning with a colostomy and many others ending with liver surgeries to remove tumors.

Here is the thing about my brother- he never acted like he was sick or dying. He refused to act the part! We went to Alabama on a couple of occasions in the last few yeas because we thought his time was close and he fooled us all. Of course we thought it would be the same this time. It wasn’t.  it was really his time and once it was it went fast. He was diagnosed with another mets to the brain 3 weeks ago, then after a few days in the hospital, he went home only to return before they could do the surgery to remove it, this time with sepsis. His liver was finally giving out. And it wasn’t coming back. He went home to hospice on Thursday and Friday night he was gone.

Ya want to know a really interesting thing about it? We all went down to AL 4 years ago thinking he was going soon. When we were all together when he did pass, July 1, we started talking about last time and how my granddaughter was trying to steal fireworks off of a table…..then I realized (none of us had) that the last time we gathered was fourth of July weekend too! Wow- he got four more years almost to the day!  Awesome!

So yeah it has been a harder than normal week. And now all this violence around our great nation!

My prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those police officers injured and killed!

So sad.

Someone asked how I can stay positive in the darkness.

My answer?

I have a choice. It is the only choice I can see my way to make. I can’t even imagine succumbing to the darkness, the sadness.  It is just like any other time, I have to be grateful, now at times I may have a harder time reaching and grabbing that gratitude, but I will reach!! I will grab for it! It is my lifeline!

It can be yours too!

Gratitude makes the darkness lighter……… and bearable……  ❤

Live a Blameless Life


29 years ago I was a young mother with three children ages 6,3, and 3 months. I was in a marriage that at best was neglectful and at worst abusive. My history is just that, my history!

Today I choose to live a gratitude filled life. And I live a blameless life! No, I am not saying I selfishly take no responsibility for anything! What I mean to say is this: I choose to blame NO ONE for my history. My life, history and all, is just that- my life! I am responsible for it and I embrace it! I love my history and I love my life. My life has led me to be who I am today. And I like who I am today.

So let me take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all those who have helped mold this me into the person I am today!

And let me take this opportunity to say- this is what a gratitude-filled life looks like! It is a choice! ❤