I Am Guilty!


Every once in a while I learn a lesson in the oddest places. Today I had to look in the mirror, and I do not like what I saw.

I was watching Oprah’s show “Next Chapter”  the guest being Kelsey Grammer. I will  say right up front I have been guilty of judging him on the fact that he walked away from his family, and the way he did it. I thought it was…well, I just did not think it was a very nice thing to do and I decided he was not as nice a guy as I once thought he was. Of course I formed my former opinion of him off of a character he played on TV. I loved Dr. Frasier Crane! When I heard the things that were happening between him and his wife I decided he was a pretty selfish person. Not just selfish but mean.

I have not really given it much thought, since originally forming that opinion, other than to be reminded how much I disliked this person when I would hear his name or see him on TV.

Lets face it, I always say we all have choices to make and our circumstances should not keep us from being the best person we can be.  Having said that, and I am not making excuses for him, I am making an observation, that unless I have walked a mile in his shoes I should keep my opinions to myself. Remember, lesson being learned. I strive to be an encourager not a judge.  And the point has been made !

Today I was reminded yet again why we should never judge others. Why? What did I hear that reinforced this lesson?

Here is the short answer…..

I don’t know how many people are aware of his history, I have never heard of anyone with such a tragic life.  Oprah said the same and I’m pretty sure she has seen/heard of many tragedies!  Kelsey has been through a lot beginning with his Grandfather, who he looked to as a father, dying when he was 12. Then 1 year later his father was lured out of his house by a fire set on his lawn and  shot to death by a deranged man! Then in 1975 his 18-year-old sister, Karen, was abducted by strangers and repeatedly raped and then stabbed 42 times and left for dead……Kelcey had to go to Colorado to ID the body; he was only 20 years old! Then 5 years later his twin half brothers were both killed in a freak scuba diving accident!

I can’t even imagine. I have been on my spiritual journey for years and don’t make all the right choices. How can I even begin to know what a person, who has had to endure such tragedies their entire life, thinks when he makes his life decisions? If I needed a reminder that we do not know what motivates a person to make the decisions they make- well I got a great one here!  We do not know what a person has lived through that can cause such pain and of course this pain affects the choices they make!

After this I will only do what I should have done all along, pray for him as well as anyone else in this life to make the best decisions they can for themselves and those around them! As I said…I strive to be an encourager! I may have gotten a little off track but I thank God for always knowing how to set me straight again!