Don’t Let The Haters Shake Your Faith!


I know some of you saw this title and thought “oh there is some juicy RFRA talk here!” sorry to disappoint; this is not about RFRA, or at least not directly, but if the shoe fits, by all means! Ha!

No this is just me wondering out loud why some people can’t handle the truth and then decide to lash out at those who stand by the truth.  Make sense?  I guess this can apply to so many situations!! So you would be a fool to think I am talking about YOU.  Right?   Do you feel as if I am bating someone? Nah….just thinking out loud.

Although I did learn a valuable lesson recently. Want to hear? OK. So I learned that I have an issue with being straightforward with people, especially if I know it is not what they want to hear. I know….I know….a lot of people have this problem. But at some point something will happen in your life to bring you to the realization that enough is enough!  And I think I have come to that point. I mean I have this issue with everyone, friends, family, work associates……it is a terrible thing, I am really good at listening and offering advice (and I am working on only offering it when asked!) and I can tell it like it is, but when I get to a point where I see someone behaving horribly to others, I mean horribly, then I have a hard time saying ” hey! You treat people terrible!!”  So I tip toe around the subject, I say philosophical things to them, I hope they catch my drift. And they don’t. But I try.

What I learned recently is that what I get for my efforts is – misunderstood, lied about, characterized as a terrible person, misrepresented, I can go on and on. And I realized it could have all been avoided if I had just been straightforward from the beginning and said what I thought. Jeez!  I mean sure they may not like to hear that I think they are wrong, or that they are acting horribly, but they will know where I stand and we can agree to disagree (and life has shown me that some people will never agree to disagree…but hey! They are not true friends or they are family! Haha)   For those who are mature enough to understand we can’t always agree, we will move on and never get to the point of bashing the other…or them bashing me, whatever! I will not bash someone else….and they should be happy for that!!  LOL

If I can’t learn this lesson then I am always going to be here at some time or another, I always leave the door open for misunderstandings…. and when you have to live like that you can feel bad….haters are strong people! They are fueled by something as strong as love and that can shake you. It makes you feel like others may believe the crap they are selling. But it is not so! Because it is crap! You have to remember that. Remember who you are dealing with.

Look, I am sure you can relate to this, so I have some advice: do not let others shake your faith in you when you know you have done nothing wrong! Stand strong! Have courage! And above all else….learn from the past!  When we are not perfectly honest with others, even for the sake of their feelings, we open the door to a mess! Of course! Because lies are a bad thing….evasive speak is bad. It all can lead to heartache and in this case it is avoidable.

When you are faced with a person who has issues and they are close enough to you that they seek out your advice, please either be straightforward from the beginning or don’t offer the advice! Don’t be the shoulder…..OR offer the shoulder but no advice…get it? Got it! Thank you God for letting me see!

Ya know I read my cards today and they told me that something “eye opening” was going to occur…something that would shift my reality. Hmmmmmmm again….Got It!

Stop Lying to yourself!


Are you lying to yourself? Are you living a lie? Do you practice what you preach? I guess we all have our moments but I see some people who talk, talk, talk, about how they meditate, how they practice gratitude and forgiveness or whatever the case may be! But I see their lives, I know who they are to me or who they seem to be to the world and it is not in sync with what they preach.

I consider it a blessing to have these people in my life, or in view of my life. Why? Because it reminds me what I do not want to do. How I do not want to live my life. It keeps me aware and careful! More careful of how I live and what I say or write about. I need to walk my talk.

Remember, even the people who rub you the wrong way or push all your buttons are here for a reason. Even if that reason is to remind us how not to live our life!

The worst lies are the ones we tell our self! Just because you say the right words and claim enlightenment doesn’t mean it is so.

Start living your truth!  If you do not like what your truth is, then maybe it is time to write your new story and stick to it! Be honest about the procrastination, the well intended but unfulfilled goals. The lies you tell yourself about who you are or what you want. You need to start being honest with yourself.

The moment you get honest with yourself is the moment you start a new chapter in your life!