The Freedom to Live/Love Again!


Every morning when I wake up I make a choice (sometimes not an easy choice) to face the day with a smile on my face. Sometimes when my feet hit the floor I am in pain and it is hard to say “thank you” and “I love you” but I do it. Lately I have been in a bit more pain than usual, what I have found is as my feet hit the floor and the pain becomes intense the words fall right out of my mouth! They tumble out of me as fast as I wish the ibuprofen was going in at that very moment! haha   I stumble into the bathroom and brush my teeth, all the while thinking of all the things I am grateful for:

I am an encourager of people…..thank you

I am inspired and am inspiring to others….thank you

I am a lender not a borrower….thank you

I face my days with gratitude….thank you

Thank YOU for this beautiful day! I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I am grateful!

I love YOU!


I do not know if you will ever believe expressing gratitude (every day) will cause change in your life and the life of those around you……. but here is what I do know:

Pain, anger, fear, unforgiveness, grudges, revenge, these are things which stop us from living a full life.  Those things are from moments past…..not now. If we choose to live in the now then can’t we now (one moment at a time) look around and say ” it is good!” Can’t we look around and say ” I am grateful” “I am happy”  “I am blessed”  “I am loved” ??

Which is better, to sit in our anger, or to forgive and move on in the glory that is freedom! Freedom we give to ourselves because we deserve it! And that is freedom that can only be reached when we live for now and let go of the past.

Most people get hung up on the forgiveness part. Why? Because they feel like forgiving is giving in, or worse, saying to the one who hurt us ” it is OK that you hurt me”  this is simply not true!  Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, it is the permission you need to live the life you deserve not hindered by the anger from your past.  So, take the time you need and be mad! Then move on!   I love you. You are loved!



Forgive or Let Go?



Is it really our job to forgive or is it our job to let go? Today I heard someone say to forgive another is highly arrogant. To forgive is between that person and God; it is not my place to forgive, but it is my place to let go. He said to talk of forgiveness is to allow the other person, the one who hurt us, to own a part of our life. Because we constantly are working on forgiving someone we are constantly allowing them to own us.  I will admit this is an interesting concept.  And truly the letting go of things has always been more what I focus on so it has me wondering if it could be true.

In times like these I turn to my intuition, my gut, does this concept resonate within me?l? Hmmmmm well it actually did at the time when I heard it……although I by no means have it all figured out. And I definitely am not throwing my thoughts on forgiveness out the window!  I am thinking to get to this place of letting go instead of forgiving…..that may be for another level of spiritual growth! To understand it and practice it properly.

So now I am left wondering where I go from here, I mean I have spent the last 8 years reading, writing, and talking about forgiveness, and of course living forgiveness! Fortunately for me I have leaned more towards gratitude in the last few years….and for that I am grateful!  🙂

I do still feel forgiveness is huge in my life, our life. Recently I’ve written more about self-love and self-forgiveness, now I am wondering if that is where I need to spend more of my time and effort?

I have a lot to think about.

I wonder; what do you think?