Who are you?

masksDo you even know? Are you wearing a mask,hiding your real self behind some form of Political Correctness, religious zeal, or any number of other reasons people act the way they act? Or…is that the real you? Am I mistaken in believing you can be better than this?

No, I am not mistaken. I know we all are capable of better….I know we all are able to live our best life yet!  It is just that I don’t think you have gotten the message yet. I don’t think the good news has reached you. I think you are still hiding under that mask…thinking it is your place to judge, your place to criticize, your place to police the world.  I don’t think you have heard the news that there is someone greater than all of us whose job that is.

Not yours….

So take off the mask and find your authentic self. The one who is comfortable enough in their own soul to just be them and let God worry about the rest.

Why? Because it is easier to live a life on purpose when we stop worrying about what Mr and Mrs so and so are doing in their backyard and start being more concerned about our own walk and the example we are living!

But then this is my opinion, you do not have to agree, I live by a few good (to me) rules, a few of them being……

1)Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, 2) Every situation is a lesson, treat it that way; welcome it and the teacher as the gift it truly is, 3) I have a choice in everything; my reactions, my words, my fears, etc…….

Am I perfect? By no means! I am a work in progress, and that is OK. I will be a work in progress until the day I go home.

Always changing, forever growing, and loving every minute of it!

Lessons learned……….

To the woman who recognized herself in my past and in my present………..

It’s amazing what we can withstand ( go through, endure) to get where we need to be!! I embrace my past, now that I have learned it was for a reason. At the time it was not so easy to embrace! Now that it is over and in the past all I can hope is that others may be touched in some way by my experiences and lessons! So you see, your words are a validation for me, sent from God! I thank you!

We all need encouragement and mine comes in the form of words from others who have been where I was, and survived, NO, thrived! So I thank you!
I am sorry you had to experience abuse at the hands of a loved one. None of us should have to go through that! But I am encouraged by your healing! It is now our job to help others understand, heal, and move on. Not only the ones who have been through it, but the ones who are in it.
So you see, you and I, we know that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and that light shines brighter than anything we could ever imagine! And most definitely brighter than what we had in the past !

Let us always remain open to the lessons in life. I’ve said it before and will say it many times again……He never said it would be easy!

Peace and Love~Christine