What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Love is the way by which others will know you. John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Lately I have found myself in many conversations with people from all walks of life, people of faith and those with no faith in any higher power. These conversations, of late, seem to be taking on a pattern of love.

We seem to be talking more and more about love and what it means to society; specifically what love,or the lack there of, means to people of all faiths. Or better- what it means to non-believers when they see people of faith exhibiting, what looks to them, to be a lack of love for others, even hate. This is so important a subject to me and my friends (and acquaintances) that we need to put aside our worries of what others may think and have this conversation.

PC Conversations
The world we live in today is full of overly sensitive people who can’t seem to hold a conversation, especially if the conversation is critical of them or their ways, or a difference of opinion. We are a world of overly sensitive PC correct people. Afraid to offend anyone, even if what we have to say is about love.

What do I mean? Well, I want to be able to say that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see/read someone doing or saying something, in the name of God, that is mean-spirited or lacking in love! And that is from me, a person of faith for many years now, one who is strong in what she believes and won’t be rocked by the actions of others. I can take it! What it may do to non-believers or new believers is another story! One which I take very seriously.

I want to be able to say, when I see someone invoke the name of God to bash a particular group, that I think not only is it wrong, but I think it does exactly the opposite of what we are here to do- we are here to lead people to faith,but our behavior drives people away from faith…. all faith!  It seems to me that any time I open my mouth in a public forum to say “I think showing intolerance in the name of God is wrong and counterproductive” I get bashed! I’m going to hell because apparently I’m a sympathizer! I’m soft! I walk the middle of the road and that is a dangerous place to be! I find that funny, because I thought I was exhibiting unconditional love. I didn’t know that was wrong. You love the sinner not the sin; right?

It Can Be So Subtle
I know people who speak hate filled words, criticize others and have no thought of it being wrong. They feel they are doing their “religious”  or “moral” duty! They read things like this and think it is not about them. Or they feel I’m wrong. Sometimes this behavior can be so subtle that they don’t even know they are doing it! But aware or not; others will see it. And maybe even worse is that the ones who will see it may be the ones you’re meant to influence; the ones you are meant to lead to God.  And influence them you will..………….

In Love I Say

I just want to say, in love, that when we bash others, when we criticize, when we can’t help but to be intolerant of differences, it does not invoke love and it doesn’t matter how many times you say you do this in the name of God; hate is hate. Love is love. There is a difference, you can put a mask on it and call it religion, but the truth will be seen by the people who matter; the very people you are here to lead.

We’re supposed to lead by example.

WWJD indeed!

@DearShirley Hacked……Things That Make Me Smile.

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I can’t say that I have ever condoned bullying or any form of violence, emotional terrorism, or any form of illegal activity but I will admit that this made me smile!

Yesterday I saw tweets that showed how someone, @CosmoTheGod, had hacked @dearshirley’s Twitter account.  Shirley L. Phelps-Roper is the spokesperson for the WestBoro Baptist Church. That is the “church” group who pickets at the funerals of soldiers and most recently said they were going to picket at the funerals and memorial services of the children who were killed in NewTown, Ct.   They claim that this is God’s wrath due to our ( America’s) allowing of such things as Gay marriage and abortions.

Also the group Anonymous sent WBC a YouTube video basically declaring war on WBC. They sent a petition to the White House asking that the group be labeled a Hate Group.  They already have more signatures than they need for the White House to acknowledge their petition.

Here is the video.

As I said, I do not condone intolerance, bullies, or mean-spirited people……but this did cause me to smile.  Is that bad of me?

IDK…..if so then I am really bad because I am still smiling as I write this.

~Christine <——— still praying for those in Newtown! Sending them strength!

Words Do Matter! ( An oldie but goodie!)


Do you receive your encouragement from the words of others? Can you imagine if you lived a life where you either had a good day or bad day based on the words of others? Don’t we need to draw our strength,encouragement…hope…well being…from our self and God? So it seems if our relationship is good with God, we should not need encouragement from others to validate who we are or what we can accomplish. Right? Wrong?

I look around at people and wonder…do they put much stock into what others think about them? Does it only matter what God thinks? I mean…YES…emphatically YES…that is all that matters! BUT is everyone able to pull that off? I know the rational answer is no, of course not! Not everyone can pull that off, there are many people who are not that well-adjusted and confident! So….it is no wonder some feel the need for therapy when they lose their confidence! And then of course the words of others do not help…no, quite the contrary, the words or lack of words from others is tearing you down, stealing your confidence, what then? Motivational tapes? Self-help books? THE BOOK? Does there come a time when you just need to “ASK” for help from an outsider and if so…when has that time arrived?

Living a life where you’re beaten down, with a lack of confidence, when the only hope in your life is the hope that the day you get to go “home” will arrive soon….how sad. And you cannot blame others because as I said…you cannot find your validation in life through the words or actions of others! This must be hard! It is hard!

As I think through this, I decide that this is the very reason it IS so important to validate and encourage others, not just friends,business associates, or family…but the stranger in line who feels she is being a pain in the butt with all of her coupons and screaming kids…..all she is doing is trying to stretch a buck to feed her family! Maybe she does not have a spouse to help keep the kids calm at the store or at home (and it is so easy for others to pass judgement and say things like..”well she had the kids and the bad marriage,not me”…really? YOU have no idea what her situation is).

Maybe you could SMILE at her, make her feel like it is OK that she is taking the time to save money. Don’t sit there and bitch about how long this is taking or how you should not have gotten into that particular line! OR how about the family driving in the clunker and there you are driving along in your nice car, yelling that she should get that thing off the road, that she is a hazard! Really? So what are you going to do about it? Buy the family a new car? Like it or not it might be the only way she has to get around, to the Dr’s, or to the store. How sad to think that some people find it such an inconvenience for the poor and struggling to share their space.

Please do not misunderstand here…..I am speaking as that single mom and as the irritated person in line. I have worn both shoes. I am trying to be honest and let you know that I am not by any means standing on a pedestal acting like I do no wrong! I am not trying to point fingers, I understand for a lot of people they just do not know what they do! I too was so clueless at times!! But we all grow and change. And it is time for all of us to take a long look in the mirror!

I say *SMILE* at others!

So maybe we shouldn’t find validation in the words or actions of other! BUT…since we know not everyone is that well-adjusted, maybe it is really important for us to try and make an effort, try to help others feel worthy of taking up space in our precious world! huh? Oh…you cannot be bothered to worry about other people’s emotional well being…ok….then don’t smile. Your choice.

The intolerance that I see in this world everyday is very disheartening! You can call me a person who is trying to live a Utopian life…..a dream chaser…..unrealistic! Hey I’ve been called all of that before! You will not be the first nor the last person to call me a dreamer! Whatever! I would rather be me, believing that I can make a difference, than you, yelling at the poor and underprivileged, believing you are better than they are.

Sometimes I want to step out of the light and tell people to go to H***. But then again…my words may matter to you, so I will not! Rather I will just say “God bless!” Isn’t it amazing that people take your silence., my silence and my taking the higher road, as a sign of weakness!!?? AMAZING!

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