My Friends Are Priceless!

friendsgreatI am blessed to have friends that are priceless…and they are not only priceless to me, my friends are the type of people who are priceless to so many people! My friends are in great demand…because I surround myself with only the best! I accept that my friends have time issues….that is OK! That is the price I am willing to pay for the type of friends I have.  The qualities I find in those who surround me are integrity, compassion, grace, love, patience, loyalty, forgiveness, and kindness.  Who wouldn’t consider these people priceless?!

I love when I see someone I have not seen in a while and we can laugh so hard at our great memories! And I love (equally) when I see that one friend that I see all the time! She is like a sister to me and we are very comfortable together.  I knew someday God would surround me with the great people I deserve in my life! HE never disappoints, sometimes we feel HE can be slow ( to our liking anyway) but all in His time is a true statement…all in His time!

And I must remember that the hardships I have overcome, the betrayals I have experienced over the years have not been for nothing! How else would I recognize the true treasures that I have in my friends today unless I saw what a non-friend looked like?  See…it all works out for the best! It always does! Just be patient and you will see.


assumeEvery day, thanks to Social Media sites, I get to see a lot of people making a lot of assumptions. It is disturbing to read/hear the way people think of others. So much judgement and assumption happening. It astounds me at times how it is that people can’t see what they do. Why not take a step back and look in the mirror. Or better yet, browse through your Facebook page or Twitter Feed for past posts and see who you really are.

Do you like what you see? I hope so. It is so important for us to like…no, love, who we are!

Ya know I do not say this because I think we are hurting so many people with our words (although we definitely could be), it is more about US. We are worthy of being a better person, we are worthy of love and I think by posting so much judgement and hate on public social sites we deprive our self of the love we are so deserving of.

Rather than posting judgmental comments, which in a lot of cases is to assume the heart and true feelings of others without even asking if this is really the way they feel, maybe take time to get to know someone.  This is one area where Social Media sites have failed! We have so many “friends” but do we really know them? Are they truly friends?  Maybe take a few minutes to get to know someone before you decide what they are really thinking!  I see too many people misunderstand the written word, another thing we can thank progress for! Too many people carry on “text” relationships and there is so much misunderstanding!  I think we need to have a little more face time going on!

So love yourself enough to want to live with integrity!  Love yourself enough to be able to look back on your life and feel good about who you are!

Look in the mirror folks. Love what you see.

Peace and Love~ Christine  (originally posted in Dec 2012)

Friends Are People TOO!

friendsfightYes! Friends fight! Friends are people too! I see so many people who have a fight with a “friend” and then completely turn away from the relationship; cut them off without a backwards glance, and sometimes without an explanation. That, to me, is sad! It makes me wonder how much of a friend they could have really been to begin with. We shouldn’t treat anyone that way, let alone a “friend. And yes, I keep using quotes because I am doubtful they were a friend, or you were a friend, in the first place.   But this isn’t really what I want to write about; it is just the back story for what I really want to say!

What do I want to say? Well…as sad as it makes me to see “friends” turn their back on “friends” you know what I love? I love when friends have a disagreement (or whatever…a fight!) but remain friends!  I think it says so much about people who can weather a storm and stay friends. I mean with family it is hard because they are family; it doesn’t feel like a great accomplishment if you stay close (well it does…..I’m just saying they are family! It is a little different!) but with friends who can go through it and come out on the other side as friends! I love it!

This is a sign of maturity, integrity, and love, Unconditional love!!

I have exactly ONE friend (and ME) who is able to treat others this way. And I have great respect for her! Bravo to her!!  She knows who she is ❤

And if this is something you practice….then this Bravo is for YOU!