God Breathed…..


The word inspiration comes by way of Vulgate Latin and the King James English translations of the Greek word θεοπνευστος (theopneustos, literally, “God-breathed”) found in 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Inspire means “God Breathed” I have heard it said that it means “In Spirit” maybe God Breathed means the same thing? I mean….I guess it does!  It’s all about God.  Makes sense, when I’m inspired to do something I do believe it is God breathed. All inspiration comes from God; so inspiration is God Breathed or God inspired…..you are in spirit.

If you feel disconnected from God then you may not feel inspired often. I think God is inspiring us daily to either pursue new ideas or to continue forward with an idea he inspired in us already.

I want to inspire change; and to do so I definitely think the inspiration would need to come from God; because change of that size would need God to oversee it!  Having said this I feel this is one of the BIG reasons it is so important to stay connected to our Divine creator! We need to stay connected so that He can inspire in us the big ideas we are meant to do in this life!

Are you connected? Are you inspired to do great things?!