Our Experiences Can Be A Shinning Light To Others!

We all have a story, the story of our life. It may be a fairy tale; but it may also be somewhat of a sad story or even a horror story. We do not go into life saying we want to be abused or neglected, or involved in drugs or other addictions. Addictions that will make life a lot harder than it otherwise would be.  But whether we want it or not “it” seems to have a way of finding some of us anyway!

As it turns out, in my case, and the case of my children, we have taken our experiences and used them to help others. We share our stories with others, in hopes that they will be inspired! Inspired to be optimistic, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That there may really be a reason for the madness!! And that there is life after abuse and other life challenges!

It has taken me years to understand that the abuse that I and my children went through…was not in vain. No matter how hard it may have been, I take solace in the knowledge that I can be a beacon of hope for others. Not despite of, but because of my experience.

I have come to a place in my life where I am grateful for all I have been through. No, I do not wish it upon others. But I do realize, regardless of how I feel, others will go through similar. And these people need to know there is more to this life than the problems, and possibly nightmares, that they are living through now. And there is.

So I go on day after day, some days are harder than others, the ghosts of my past definitely visit me from time to time! But my feelings today, on the ghosts of the past, is so much different than it was a few years ago! Why? Because I have learned to be grateful and I have learned that all life has purpose. I know my purpose is wrapped up in those experiences! So I am grateful for them! I am grateful for my life, exactly as it has unfolded!

To not be would be to stop living, to succumb to the sadness that life could be……. and I am not willing to do that!  And you shouldn’t be either! We are worthy of greatness!  So let’s push forward, shall we?

Onward and Upward!


In the words of….well, many before me, but now I’m thinking of one particular friend who has made this her mantra recently! ( Mellen)

Onward and Upward!

OK, so yesterday I had a little moment that was “time out” worthy! I took that “time out” and grew from it.  Which, I think, we can all agree is what a “time out” should do for us!  Help us to grow!   🙂

Today is a new day and I awoke to two interesting things! And truly I had not thought about this until this very moment but here goes….. I awoke to two messages, one from an old friend and one from a new friend.  A little background to catch you up;

The new friend I have known for a while, but we had not met in person, the old friend I have known for a couple of years. Both friends have the same types of goals/dreams as I do, and we were/are moving towards realizing them together!

The old friend has been, inexplicably, turning away from me and our relationship/goals in the last few months. I had not known why and continued to reach out but it was dissolving none the less ( and actually the correct word is evolving, because I love her and she I and we will always be connected)  The new friend popped up, not by my request, in my life more and more at the same time the old friend was leaving or changing.   I didn’t think much of it as it was happening.

Recently I had thought, and that is the operative word here, thought, that I was exhibiting a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities, I really thought I had an AHA moment!  Basically to make a long story short, I felt that I was constantly pulling other people into my dreams/goals because I lacked confidence to follow through! I thought I had a breakthrough as to why I had not achieved my goals yet! But I am beginning to realize this is not the case! God wants me to be part of something HUGE and to be HUGE it takes more than just little old me! And it takes time! OK…I am good with that!  🙂

And you know why I realized I am not having a lack of confidence? Because as the old friend backed out of my life, this HUGE movement that I knew was coming, continued to grow! And God brought a new person to fill the space ( the new friend). I did not ask for a new person! As a matter of fact I resisted! Because I thought I was “doing it again!” That I was looking to another to help where I lacked! That is when I realized that I was not having a crisis of confidence at all! God was leading me into something HUGE and I kept backing off…..if it wasn’t one thing it was another, and this particular time it was the crisis of confidence issue that didn’t even exist!

And now I am thinking “Stay the Course”                                                                                                                                                                                    “Stay the course” is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism.

So to get back to this morning. The two things that I woke up to? Well now that you know the background maybe you can appreciate the validation here. The two messages, one from the old friend and one from the new. The old friends words stung and served to remind me that she was moving on ( evolving ) but no sooner had I read the message ( and definitely not enough time to become sad) I saw the new friends message and it was uplifting and exactly what I needed at that moment.  Could GOD have made it any clearer than that ?  HE is in control! And I think I forgot that for a moment or two…or three…….  A because of the uplifting message I was able to feel nothing but love towards the old friend regardless of my sadness.  That is good stuff!

Now I say, “bring it on GOD!”  I get it! I realize that YOU are placing people, or trying to place people, in my life so that we can together change this world!

I will stop resisting and go with it! And better than that I will say “thank you” each day “thank you, that you continue to bring these inspired, wise, motivated, world-changing, people into my life!”

Onward and Upward we go!

Peace and love~ Christine

Inspire Change



Gosh this is a topic that comes up a lot. My friends and I talk about this topic more than anything else. I hear it on TV and on the radio, all the time. I love that I ‘m  surrounded by this topic, I feel electrified when I contemplate it for more than a minute. I am always looking for a way to inspire others. I think there could be nothing better in life than to inspire people every day! I look at people like Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Louise Hay, just to name a few, and I’m thrilled at the thought of imagining what their life must be like to be able to connect and inspire people every day!
That is my goal in life! I look back at my old journals and I see that this is what I have wanted for a very long time. And every time it happens…you know…IT, I get goose bumps! I am as thrilled and mystified today when someone tells me that I have inspired them as I was the first time it ever happened.
You want to know my first experience with inspiring another? The time when I knew beyond a doubt this is what I wanted to do?
OK, so this happened about 8 years ago. I was with my husband at a furniture store (I will make this long story short) a very nice young woman helped us in purchasing a dining room table and a bar. She was a sweet girl. A few things happened during our time with her that caused me to really appreciate the way that she conducted herself and the way that she went the extra mile for us, her customers. As a small gesture after I got home I sent her a box of chocolate (who doesn’t love chocolate?) and a card expressing my pleasure in dealing with her. A few other things were said and I also blogged about my experience on my customer service related website and I sent a review to the company. A few days later I received an e-mail from this girl expressing how surprised she was by the gift as well as the blog post, which amazingly enough she just happened to find! She must have had a Google alert! Anyway I found out thru her that after we left the store that night her boss tore into her for not up selling us some very expensive extended warranty. But she did try, we declined. Yet he tore into her and said she was not going to last at the store and that costumers were surely going to end up complaining about her. Funny thing happened though, right after he tore her up my package arrived at the store and according to her you could have knocked her boss over with a feather at how surprised he was! He read my note and in it I mentioned the warranty and how I appreciated her graciousness in NOT being overly pushy! And I was not shy about stating how we probably would have went elsewhere had it not been for her beautiful selling techniques. HA!
And this was not even the part that inspired me…the part that inspired me was when she told me that due to the way I handled things and the way her boss handled things she had decided she was way to good to stand for this man to treat her this way! and was going back to school! Wow…she said she never would have made that decision if I had not reached out to her. Now, that inspired me! Awesome!

And this all transpired because of 2 kindnesses being extended, one from her in the way she handled us and the second in my reaching out to her to say a heartfelt thank you!
Trust me when I say I have chased that euphoric feeling of bliss every day since! My dream is to inspire someone every day!

Peace and Love~Christine