Bigger Than ME….. Bigger Than Everything!

god is for us



I am feeling small tonight! But not in an insignificant way, no, I am feeling small in the sight of God. HE is bigger than anything I can see or imagine and for some reason, tonight, I am feeling that, I mean …feeling it deep down!  Deep, deep down in here!

I live every moment of every day with the wish to show others what a life devoted to God means, what it looks like. I know many people have left the church, and even God, because of bad feelings, because of being treated poorly by people who professed to be Christians; I know this is true!  Knowing this I have tried to walk a line, a very thin line, where I could make all people feel welcomed and safe- to watch, listen, hear and hopefully ultimately feel safe enough to come back to the arms of God.   Sometimes I feel that thin line is a betrayal…but I know it is not because He has shown me that there is a significant need out there, people who are falling through the cracks, and it is going to take patience, kindness, and unconditional love to bring them back. To let them feel the love and hope of God once again. And I know not everyone agrees, there are so many stories out there, so much pain.  But I want you to know above all else; I love you!  There is nothing untrue about that! And I feel by sharing and teaching gratitude, forgiveness, love, encouragement….I am doing the best I can to fulfill my service to Him.

Now I do not ask that you believe what I believe, I do not ask that you do anything against your will, all I ask is that you give me a chance, give love a chance. Love can conquer all! It truly can. And respect me enough to know regardless of whether we have different beliefs, I love you and I say nothing to offend!  Let us show love to one another!

Look I respect you, I love you! All I want is the same love and respect in return. And yes, I expect to earn that! I believe I already have in many cases!

I would never try to tell you that your dreams, or your convictions are not right, or not worthy! We all have something deep down inside, driving us towards greatness, driving us towards change, creating change in this world…whether it be being the best mom or dad in the world or being the best evangelist or the best entrepreneur! Whatever it may be….I would never try and discourage you from your calling. And I want the same treatment…. this is my calling.  He has put this way down deep inside me and it took me years to figure out exactly what it was….but now that I am here I am unstoppable!  And all I ask is that we all respect and enjoy the ride as best we can!  ❤ 


I am Learning To Be Brave…….


Yes, I am a Christian!  I know if you are a follower of my blog; you already know this.  But I feel it necessary to say it…out loud…today!

I accept that I am not your run of the mill Christian person. But that does not make me any less a Christian; although there are some who would disagree with me. So for that, yes that, that is the reason for my title. I am learning to be Brave!

Over the last 8 years as I have been on this journey from there to here….I have spent a lot of time in hiding! Yes, in hiding. I know….shocking! Or shameful. Whatever. We all have to get there in our own time and way. The point is I have arrived!

I am ready to say out loud that I am an eclectic mix of many thoughts and beliefs! I am not your average Christian. But a Christian I am! And no matter what anyone says…you can’t change my belief!  It has taken me some time to get to a point where I can embrace myself! But I am embracing myself now. I LOVE my beliefs! I love that I am a tolerant person who loves more than she….. doesn’t…..

I LOVE that I have learned from my journey how to let go. I have learned how to be tolerant. I have learned how to be tolerant without losing my beliefs. I have come to the realization, through all of my eclectic teachings, that I can disconnect without losing faith or love for and in others.

I have learned that forgiveness is a need that is universal; regardless of your faith. I have learned that love prevails…love teaches… opens you up to hear what others are saying….and when they are hurting.

Like taking the thorn from the lions paw and gaining love forever;  I have removed my thorn; and now know…Love is mine forever; if I want it. And what is to follow is a world filled with opportunities! Opportunities to grow, to help others, to heal, to witness change and growth!

What could be better? I am learning, no, I have learned to be brave! And the world is now opened up to me.