You Can’t Fix Crazy!

crazy I lie! You can indeed fix crazy! Can’t you? There is therapy and lithium…….and I do believe if not a fix, then its at least a maintenance.  OK, I jest! I know I should not make light of this subject, as it is truly a sad subject, not worthy of my joke. So don’t be too sensitive now. Let’s just move on.

What I really want to say is for those who are truly not mentally ill, they can find a fix.  But only if they are willing. Life is hard and I never once claimed it is an easy feat to move forward in this life, through all the junk we either put on ourselves, or others dump on us. But it is still a choice to either be a victim or a victor.

In respect to our relationships here is a huge clue- if you find you are always saying things like ” why does everyone treat me like this?” or ” My friends are all losers, I can’t keep one for more than a hot minute!”  or ” OMG everyone I know lies! They are all just a bunch of big fat liars!” or “Here we go again! Just another person in a long line of people who has betrayed me!”   Anything along those lines, ya know…..everyone is always doing something to you. If these are statements you seem to repeat over and over; that can be very telling.  It may be time to take a long honest look in the mirror, see who it is that these people are seeing, take responsibility and stop making excuses. But until you are ready to honestly do that, there is no fix for your particular….well….problem.

So you say….. isn’t it possible you’re just having a run of bad luck, attracting these types of relationships; even though you don’t want them and truly aren’t a drama/attention seeker? Of course!  Your life may be the same as far as attracting bad relationships, but if you are ready to be honest with yourself, you will know which category you fall into, law of attraction in play or denial and self sabotage. It is easy to know if you are making excuses or accepting responsibility for behavior; listen to your gut, feel the answer you seek. But again, until you are ready to get down and dirty and admit all to yourself, you wont see it.  It will always be their fault! And you will remain a victim; stuck in your self-imposed jail.

As usual these are my opinions, thoughts, views. I am not a Dr. I just play one on…, no I don’t! It is just me…studying human nature and putting my thoughts out there. Do with it what you will!

*** IF you see yourself in my writing  either

A) Sometimes words are wrote to speak to us….. that is always my hope.   B) Maybe you inspired me to write- be flattered!

4 Words + Integrity!


The above quote is true, I just think integrity is also important! So there are these four words to live by +integrity! Though the greatest of all is LOVE! 

With these you can’t go wrong!


A Word on Honesty!


You say you are an honest person. You claim enlightenment. Yet, you say YES, when you mean NO. Are those characteristics of an honest person? You say you are OK, when you are not. You say you are not offended, when you are. YOU are willing to lose a relationship because YOU can’t be honest about your feelings.
So, who is honest again? Be honest. Be authentic. Don’t claim to be…JUST BE. Your actions tell the real story !