Happy New Years Eve! Here Comes 2013! Are You Ready?


Well as they say “Out with the old, in with the new!” And so tonight ends the year 2012!! It has been an interesting year around the world! Politics, Olympics, weather, not to mention the terrible tragedies that have occurred this year! So much happened in 2012!

I am praying 2013 will be as eventful but hopefully for different reasons! I think 2012 was a very tumultuous year!  I am praying that 2013 will be a year of great change for all the right reasons!

In the meantime though, I wanted to say Happy New Years Eve!  If you go out to ring in the new year may you be safe and responsible if drinking! Designated drivers are all the rage…get one!  Have fun! Be safe, for you and for everyone else!

And if you are in the United States here is a number you can call for a tow and a ride home! Its offered by AAA and it is for real guys! So use it if you need to!  Print this number and put it in your pocket before you head out! And remember to make the best decisions for you, your friends and family!


I will be back tomorrow to wish everyone a happy new year and I want to see you all here!! Be safe! Love to you all!

Peace and Love~ Christine

And So Here We Are…..Still Alive on Planet Earth!


So the Mayans were wrong? Or not so much wrong as just stopped or ran out of space, whatever the case we are still here on 12/21/12 well after midnight or 4:15am or whenever it was supposed to happen.

Now that we have made it through and dodged this bullet….what are you going to do? Go to Disney World? I would love to go to WDW! But I am not. I will however be enjoying Christmas with my family in a few short days. Are you ready for Christmas? Do you celebrate? We do, obviously if you look at my blog then you know that! (SMILE)  I still have some shopping to do so we will be going out this evening! I actually tried to leave a little while ago and got stuck in my drive! Nice huh? Oh well, I will just chill ( pun intended) here in the house until the hubby gets home and we will go out together!

I really do not have much to say at this moment, I just wanted to say how happy I am that we are all still here ( was there ever any doubt?)  I am pretty sure I will be back in a little while with something on my mind! Now the question is; will you be ready for that? HAHA!

By the way, it snowed here last night and still is, hence the getting stuck in my drive comment, so I guess we may have a white Christmas.

Wanna see? OK..here snowdrift

Until we meet again, have a great afternoon!

Peace and Love~ Christine

Tis The Season


Finally! Finally it is starting to feel a little like Christmas! I love the Christmas season and yes I am one of those people who will start decorating right after thanksgiving, if I can! Sometimes vacations have gotten in the way causing me to be a little late to the party, but this year a beast of a different kind stopped the show!

I came down with pneumonia! Well I have never had this particular illness and had no idea that I would be so flipping exhausted! WOW! And to top it off the 4 days before my becoming ill I was mostly at the hospital because my 2-year-old granddaughter AND my 4-year-old grandson had pneumonia and RSV! She was the one hospitalized. They are both doing better now. But I was driving back and forth daily to help out my daughter who was at the hospital and had a bad sinus infection! Whew! That is a lot! As soon as the baby was released I was diagnosed with a large mass on my right lung. I am now being treated for pneumonia and we are hoping that is what the mass is! Doc is just not sure…we will see! I mean we are sure I have pneumonia, just can’t tell from the x-ray if the mass is the pneumonia or something else. So we will do follow-up x-rays.  As you can see this has been an eventful season so far but for all the wrong reasons!

OK….enough about the downer stuff! Here is what I am feeling today!

GRATEFUL! LOVING! COMPASSION! I am seeing/feeling so much love this holiday season! Maybe I am more receptive to it this season than in others, I am sure that is true, but it is awesome to see so many people reaching out to others!


Do you know that I have been through the Starbucks drive thru 2 times in the last month when the person in front of me bought my drink for me?! I love it! They have given me the opportunity to buy the people behind me drinks! Pay it forward and RAK’s all at once!

Today my oldest granddaughter, Christa, is coming over to help me with my 3rd youngest granddaughter Bella. I had previously promised Bella she could spend the night, I could not disappoint her! 4 yr olds do not understand grandma is sick! So they are coming over and we are going to have a quiet afternoon and evening decorating the Christmas tree! I am so blessed! And I have no problem asking for help….especially when that means I get to see 2 of my granddaughters!

My wish for you this December weekend is to feel as blessed as you are!