Still Working on 5 and 11!

spiritualquotes2How many of us can say we have gained full awakening? Congratulations if that describes you!! That is awesome!   Me? No!  Although I think I have done well and have grown tremendously in the last 8 years; I still have growth to do and that is as it should be! I want to continue to grow, once I reach full awakening I know there will be times when I slip and that is what I will work on next! Always growing, always learning! After all none of us are perfect, we are only human! 😉

Back to the list, it is a good list, I have mastered almost all of these “symptoms.”  The symptoms I am still working on are #5 and #11. Rather than number each so called symptom I will just say that I have lost interest in the other more conflicting “symptoms” and am happier in my life because of it.  And the symptoms involving spontaneous smiling or appreciation have become deeply engrained in who I am!  I am happy to say that! To reach 5 and 11 will take more time, but I am happily working on it!  Of course fear and self-judging is last to be mastered; it is easier for me, and most others, to be kind and patient with people besides ourselves.

It has taken some time and some work to get here, but I enjoyed the ride and I look forward to continuing growth towards a fuller awakening!  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that not all people, probably not most, want to reach this type of awakening (and some may feel this is an impossible goal) and that is OK. We are all on different paths in this life, and that is good and right. I understand that most of us who walk this path of awakening do so with the knowledge that to be this way 100% of the time is not realistic!  But we strive to reach the goal and that is what matters. If I can be this person who lives a life filled with these attributes, even 80% of the time, then I consider the goal met!  But that is my goal……

Of course this is only my take on things and it works well for me, I guess it may work well for others too.