Prayers and Faith

Hello everyone! So here I am to say hello and ask for a few prayers. 

First I’ll ask for prayers and good vibes to be sent my husbands way! He will be having his first ever major surgery on Friday! He is having his knee replaced. I know he will appreciate the prayers and good vibes!! 

Now on to me! See my picture up there? Well on my chin is a dark spot. It will be removed on the first of Nov. My Doc says it could be melenoma but I’m seriously optimistic that it is nothing!! They have tried to burn it off and shave it off but the darn thing comes back with a vengeance! So he says time to visit the plastic surgeon and cut that thing out and biopsy it!  Along with two other cysts. So come Nov 2, I’ll be a little sore. I would appreciate prayers and good vibes for speedy recovery and the absolutely perfect outcome I know I will have with the biopsy!  

And guess what? My book should be in edit next week! It’s in my publishers hands for another once over. We have been playing a game of tag with the book. I send it to her and she sends it back with suggestions!! I’m hopeful we are finally done with that!!! And on to edit!! Yay!! So my Fall release may be a Christmas release!! But what a better time for a book on gratitude than Christmas time!! 

Have a great day and thank you!! 

Having Doubts…

Today is a beautiful day. It’s also a day of doubts. It happens occasionally, sneaks up on me, and at times it is strong. Sometimes the energy of my fear and doubt is as strong as the energy of my faith and belief that I know my purpose and path. 
It’s so important to continue forward motion even when I feel this way- especially when I feel this way!  And so I do. But sometimes it is hard. 

Sometimes I look around and wonder why them? What have they that I don’t?  But I know that is not victor talk it is victim talk. I do not want to be a victim! I’m not a victim! But that kind of talk will creep into your thoughts, my thoughts, at times. I need to remember to place value on those people that do reach out to me and let me know that I’ve made an impact on their life. That my words were the words they needed to hear at that moment. I need to remember it’s those small steps that are part of my path! And are important pieces in the big picture! 

I just need to continue moving forward on my path. 

And you should too ❤️