I’m Addicted!!

Okay Ya all, I have a confession to make! I’m becoming rather addicted to YouTube! 

Okay so I’ve got my channel where I post a daily message, should be called “crazy Christine ramblings” but seriously I post a video daily where I chat about what’s in my head and its related to positive  thinking; as well as living a Gratitude filled life !  Then in the afternoon I post a video,or two, from cruises or our Disney vacations. Sometimes they are just me chatting or I post a video from one of our recent trips! 

I decided to make just one channel with several playlists. A channel devoted to my life passions- Gratitude (encouraging others), cruises, and Disney! 

I have not promoted it much more than to mention it here a few times.  I know I tried this last year but this time I’m more ME and I’m being consistent. I am becoming addicted!! I want to just chat all the time. 

I wonder if this means I have no friends. Haha!!  Nah! But I do love chatting on YouTube and am getting a chance to meet others and answer questions.

So visit me! Check out the videos. Get to know me!  I’m just a regular girl who often forgets what she is talking about and sometimes gets chased by bees when she is video taping!  

Okay! Come see me! But be nice! ;) 

You can find me by searching for The Gratitude Diva/ The Gratitude Project.  

When it Rains it Pours……

wind chimes

It is said when it rains it pours! I guess it is true that sometimes into our life can come challenge after challenge!

Saturday night my daughter went to the ER and had to have surgery yesterday.  She will be fine, but for all of us this is ….enough already!

I am grateful that she is already out of the hospital after having her procedure and am confident that she will be good as new soon. I am grateful to the Dr at Hendricks Regional who took such great care of her and is following up with the necessary testing to try to end these problems once and for all!  I am grateful to all the people who work at this facility, for they are the ones who go above and beyond to take care of others and not just the patients, but the families too, making sure we are informed and up to date on all things happening. I appreciate that!

With my brother passing 10 days ago and this, we are all exhausted! And my daughter feels guilty because she didn’t think of her Uncle while she was in hospital! Poor girl! Of course she shouldn’t; but I understand.

It is fantastic to know she is home and resting.

When I got home from the hospital today I found the wind chimes in the above picture hanging on my porch! Wow, I was so amazed by them! I volunteer for the Human Resource Department at the same hospital where my daughter was an patient, a sympathy card said the chimes were from them. These have got to be some of the sweetest women I have ever had the privilege to worked with! It was above and beyond for them to think of me and send these wind chimes! I am grateful to know such outstanding people!

And this simple fact was not lost on me- the chimes have scripture etched in them! I am grateful to volunteer somewhere that has no problem sending me scripture to help ease grief! That is perfect!

So to surmise…I am grateful!  What a beautiful day!❤