The Gratitude Project

I am blessed. This past year has been a roller coaster of emotions and real challenges. As most of us can relate to when these things happen in our life we get rather off track.  This has happened to me, yet because I have an amazing publisher my manuscript will make it to publication!

The Gratitude Project is on track to being published within the next few weeks. It’s being designed as I write this. 

I am grateful and I am blessed! 


egoIf you have too much EGO….how can you have happiness? As a matter of fact, if you have too much EGO I think it will be hard to have gratitude,faith,love,forgiveness, or much of anything which will cause an abundance of happiness in your life! What you will have is a lot of YOU.

I once heard Wayne Dyer say EGO=Edging God Out! I agree! I believe the further we get from God the less capable we are in experiencing Gratitude,Forgiveness,Encouragement,Faith,and Love. When we are full of EGO we are empty of GOD. God=love….love is powerful.  So I guess people with huge EGO’s are powerless…..without God.

May you be filled with more God (creator,source…) and less EGO; so that you too can experience the transformational powers of Gratitude,Forgiveness,Encouragement,Faith,and Love.