Dare We Dream of Happiness?

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There was a time when I too dreamed of the elusive….happiness! Like some great luxury it evaded me day in and day out! I can remember a time when happiness was something I thought only others had, but not me…no never me. Oh yes, I would have fleeting moments of happiness, even joy, like when my children were born! Yes, that was the closest to happiness I got and it was very good.

I never dared to think I could have that often or even daily. But I did dream of it. Ive always been a dreamer.

And now many years later I am happy. Simply happy. Challenges come and they go and the one thing that stays the same is my happiness. My gratitude. My love for life and those who are here sharing this experience with me.

Yes I dared to dream and that dream came true.  And all it took was for me to make a choice, a choice to change my thoughts.

And so it is!  🙂

And so it is that I pray you will find true happiness and joy too!



Grateful today? I am! Today I am grateful for mature people capable of discussing sensitive issues with those who may disagree with them or do not understand their point of view!
It is refreshing to find people who stay calm in the face of adversity! In today’s world it is all too easy to be cruel, nasty, and a downright bully on social media. So it is with a grateful heart that I say I had a good conversation with a woman who is an adoptee.  Today as an adult she wishes her mother had aborted her. That is a sensitive subject! Yet everyone remained calm and respectful. And for that I am grateful! ❤

If you wish to read the thread you can find me at @gratitudediva  she gave me a lot of info to read. For those of you who know me, you know I am a fair-minded person that wants as much info as possible! She gave me plenty!

I am grateful for souls out there who have been through a seriously challenging life yet find a way to be peaceful even in their anger…or sadness.

Random Acts of Kindness (a post from the challenge group)


Take-the-30-DayHere is a post from this morning in the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge group! Just to see what you are missing! 🙂


Good morning Gratitude Seekers!

So I make a habit out of paying for other people’s Starbucks when I go through the drive through. I will just pay for my drink and then give the cashier a 20$. I ask her if I can pay for the car behind me and if there is any left over to just keep using it for other patrons until it is gone. And I am now thinking the next time I do this I will tell her after paying for the car behind me the rest can be her tip. Anyway, one time (about a year or so after I had started doing this) I gave her the money and pulled out. I stopped in the lot to reply to a text and started to pull out when all of a sudden a car pulled in front of me and blocked my exit! I was a little taken aback as I had no idea who this was; then she rolled her window down and indicated that I should do the same. She starts yelling over to me (our cars were not close) that she was the car behind me in line at Starbucks and she wanted to thank me for her drink! She was so overwhelmed that I could FEEL her energy! Wow…she was thrown for a loop! She said she never knew there were people in the world who would be so kind.
Now I am NOT telling you this story for some sort of recognition, I am only telling you so that you can see how over the top this young lady was about something so simple. WOW….to make such an impact on someone; we never know how the smallest thing can affect another person. And it doesn’t have to be a 20 dollar bill, it can be a smile or any other gesture of kindness towards another. You never know what someone is feeling at the exact moment you choose to smile at them. You literally could cause someone to decide the world isn’t such a bad place and maybe they want to hang around for a while! Does this seem a tad bit dramatic?? Maybe….I don’t know. I have received some pretty intense feedback about what a small gesture of kindness has done for some in pretty dark places!

So when you get to the RAK part of the challenge I just want you to think about this experience I had. And I want you to know it had a huge impact on me too! It validated why I do what I do and it made my day…maybe my week! Heck, it is a memory for life! ❤