Dreams Do Come True!


It has been way too long! How are you? I hope you have been good, better than good, great! And of course grateful!

Doug and I have much to be grateful for this year. We have reached our goal (dream) of a successful relocation from Indiana to North Eastern Florida; St Augustine to be precise!  The move happened last Oct and we are just about getting settled! Moving at anytime in your life is a big venture, but let me tell you doing it over  50 is something else! lol

Now I just wait for Doug to retire! That should happen in the next 3 years. In the meantime I keep busy with my travel business and of course, writing.  On that front though……I have slacked.  I want to change that. One reason I desperately wanted to move here was to be inspired to connect more to earth and God. Something within said I needed to do this, so we made it happen. Now I need to get to the writing aspect of it. I have definitely fully embraced the relaxation of my new community! I love it. I have continued to develop a love for photography, I have included some of my recent photos.  In case you are at all curious to see more, you can view them on my Instagram account found at @Desperatelyseekingchristine  there is a link here on this page also.  I would love to follow you back!

So while we are busy living our lives, of course, life continues.  We are blessed to have welcomed a new granddaughter last Dec and are doubly blessed by welcoming another new granddaughter this coming Oct!  If you are keeping score the grandkid count now sits at – 4 boys and 7 girls!  huh, imagine that…girls are winning! Ha!

The book! As you know The Gratitude Project was released last May. It went to Best Seller several times….. I am very grateful for the experience of writing and releasing my book. I will give this as an example of how I feel about it- I received a review from someone on Goodreads, in her review she said the book just wasn’t for her. She said she felt it had too much God in it and that I drew too much from personal experience when writing my book….so too anecdotal.  That may be a negative review to some; but to me….she made my day! That was an excellent review!! Her review says to me that I did a good job and met my goal! No such thing as too much God…. I was actually worried I didn’t give Him enough space! And the book was about my personal experiences, how else am I to have an informed opinion? Too many people think you should  study,study,study and then, and only then, offer opinion! I think you need to live life and share experiences! That is real. I like real!

I will end this now, but I want to say I hope 2018 is finding you and your loved ones in good health and good will! If you are in need of healing and peaceful thoughts please take a moment now to connect to my energy….. I give it freely with love. Sending healing, peaceful, relaxing, thoughts and prayers to you and yours!!



Wow, it has been a long time!

7405 Front HouseWow, I can not remember the last time I have gone this long without checking in! Oh how I have missed being here!

So why you ask have I been missing? Well the picture above is the culprit. My house. Yes, my house has been the reason I have had zero time to myself for the last two weeks; the two weeks before that? Well before that I had just procrastinated and was overdue for a visit!

So how does a house cause me to be so busy I have not been here?  Well we decided, rather suddenly, that we wanted to sell our house. We have talked about it for a few years but when we made the decision we moved rather fast. So we have spent the last couple of weeks getting it listed and ready for showings.  Whew!  As any of you that have sold your homes know this can be a process! And it was!

But after much work and a little time we had our first showings this past Saturday and they went well.

So now we are waiting for news and while waiting I thought what a better thing to do than drop in here and say “hello” and catch you up! And I will catch up with you!  So I am going to browse around your blogs now and see what is happening. I hope you all have been well and being grateful everyday!

I will admit I’ve been challenged lately to be grateful regardless of situations and so far so good! I know it may get harder as days go by; I am ready!  With God’s help!

If by chance you follow my YouTube channel I’ve been updating that almost daily!  So you can catch up there with things!

Until next time, I will talk to you soon!

When it Rains it Pours……

wind chimes

It is said when it rains it pours! I guess it is true that sometimes into our life can come challenge after challenge!

Saturday night my daughter went to the ER and had to have surgery yesterday.  She will be fine, but for all of us this is ….enough already!

I am grateful that she is already out of the hospital after having her procedure and am confident that she will be good as new soon. I am grateful to the Dr at Hendricks Regional who took such great care of her and is following up with the necessary testing to try to end these problems once and for all!  I am grateful to all the people who work at this facility, for they are the ones who go above and beyond to take care of others and not just the patients, but the families too, making sure we are informed and up to date on all things happening. I appreciate that!

With my brother passing 10 days ago and this, we are all exhausted! And my daughter feels guilty because she didn’t think of her Uncle while she was in hospital! Poor girl! Of course she shouldn’t; but I understand.

It is fantastic to know she is home and resting.

When I got home from the hospital today I found the wind chimes in the above picture hanging on my porch! Wow, I was so amazed by them! I volunteer for the Human Resource Department at the same hospital where my daughter was an patient, a sympathy card said the chimes were from them. These have got to be some of the sweetest women I have ever had the privilege to worked with! It was above and beyond for them to think of me and send these wind chimes! I am grateful to know such outstanding people!

And this simple fact was not lost on me- the chimes have scripture etched in them! I am grateful to volunteer somewhere that has no problem sending me scripture to help ease grief! That is perfect!

So to surmise…I am grateful!  What a beautiful day! ❤