Do You Make Resolutions?

resolutionsWow I can’t believe it is almost 2013!  How was your Christmas? Good? I hope so! Mine was pretty good! I spent it mostly alone with my husband. The kids and some of the grand Kids came over the afternoon of Christmas. I am still struggling with this whole “being alone on Christmas!” thing.  It is so sudden for me, and so against what I always thought it would be like as the parent of adult children. But that is a blog for another day.

Today I want to talk about New Year Resolutions! Do you make them? If so, do you keep them?  I am not into New Year resolutions, but I am into making a new vision board for the new year  (which if you follow my blog you saw my vision board for 2013)  Something else I really like to do, as of 2 years ago, is a cleansing of sorts for the end of the year.                                                                                                                                                I spend the last week of the year thinking about anything that I am not happy with which might have happened during the previous year. At the end of each day I write these things in my journal. I take the list and I pray over it and give it to God. I let it all go never to be revisited again. Whatever it is, I give it to God. I burn the paper and actually give it up to Him.  As the paper burns I pray “thank you for taking my burdens” and I know He does. I have faith and I trust that it is now in His hands.  It is a new year!  365 new beginnings!

Peace and Love~ Christine


Today I am Grateful….


For my homeowners Insurance!

I had to file a claim for mold today with our insurance company! My little grandson can’t come to our home, and truthfully, none of the grand kids should come over to spend the night until we get this figured out. This makes me so sad.

But I am grateful for homeowners Insurance! And you know that I am wondering what people who do not have Insurance do in cases like these. You know I am wondering that. Or the people who live in rentals where the landlords will not address the issue or worse yet, hide the evidence behind walls and paint and let it grow and possibly injure growing children…growing babies.

This is why I am grateful today for homeowners insurance!

What are you grateful for today?

Peace and Love~ Christine