good morning sunshineIt is a brand new day with an amazing new opportunity!! What opportunity you ask?? Well…to start again!  A big ol do-over!  IF you need it, and if not, well then it is an opportunity to be a blessing to another! How you ask? Smile! Encourage! Spread JOY!  Take this opportunity to respond and not react to situations as they arise today!  Be joyful and don’t be afraid to show it!

OK, off I go into the day! Yes, with a smile on my face! And the reminder to take a moment to smile at another, take a moment to consider the problem before I react! No reacting, only responding after thought! Yes indeed have a great day!


Wow…has it really been 8 days?

questionWOW! I’m not sure I remember the last time I went for 8 days without blogging!  😦

I am getting ready to attend a Webinar so will have to post later today…but that is my promise! To come back here and say a little more than “hello!”

OH…..Hello  😉

Until we meet again…….I pray you all have a gratitude filled day!


A Good Way To Start Your Day!

-Today is the beginning of my new life.
-I am starting over today.
-All good things are coming to me today.
-I am grateful to be alive.
-I see beauty all around me.
-I live with passion and purpose.
-I take time to laugh and play each day.
-I am awake, energized and alive.
Sitting next to my bed I have a list of affirmations, framed, that I read each morning before I put my feet on the floor, these are just a few of them! I thank God and then I get out of bed to start a new day!
How about you! What do you do each morning before even stepping foot out of bed?
Peace and Love~Christine