God Is Good!

  I have personally known people that have had addictions- alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, even excessive cursing….and I have seen these people quit them. 

After trying, again and again, to quit these addictions they gave it over to God and quit. Just like that.  I’ve personally seen this.  

God is GOOD all the time! 

That is all. ❤️



We won! We have awesome neighbors and a great community!
There were over 60 People, including the superintendent of the school, opposing this. Not one person in favor. I guess the people spoke and won.

Well the facts that won were the devaluing of property and the possibility of danger to the school kids. So the kids at this school will remain safe from airborne disease. Awesome!

Thank you for your prayers and good
Thoughts! If I can return the favor
Just ask! Prayer works! Not that I was ever in doubt!