Why is Forgiveness so important?

forgiveness7The quote says it all. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves.  When most people think of forgiveness they think of losing, or of being weak. They think forgiving someone is the equivalent of admitting defeat or admitting they are wrong. Our EGO will not allow this! Our EGO will fight to protect us from anything that makes us feel less than the EGO thinks we should feel. But God says we are better than that. God says with Him all things are possible and that includes having the ability and the grace that we need in order to forgive others. Through HIM all things are possible. There is a reason the word ” forgiven” and variations of it are mentioned 48 times in scripture! *Source BibleGateway.com

Bearing a grudge or holding onto anger does not serve you or HIM! Bearing a grudge will keep you stuck.  These grudges can build walls that may keep you stuck in a place where you are not able to meet your goals.

So do you think forgiveness is important? I can tell you that most people who are stuck have some soul-searching and cleaning to do, needing to look deep within and see who they may need to forgive. Sometimes these things can be buried so deep that we are not aware of their existence! When I see someone who just can’t get un-stuck I look for the situation which may need forgiveness . And a lot of the time the forgiveness is for oneself. We are the last person we seem to think of when it comes to forgiveness. We dig around and come up with what others have done to us, then we find it within to forgive them, but we forget to look to ourselves.  It is the same old story, we are the last person that we take care of. We need to forgive ourselves just as we forgive others. Whether it is the need for forgiveness for others or forgiveness for ourselves, it will keep us stuck if we do not address it.  Stuck and unable to reach our goals.

So who do you need to forgive? While you search your heart for those that have transgressed against you do not forget to look in the mirror and make sure you have forgiven YOU.  It is all for you. This will start those walls toppling down! It is a step in the right direction.

Peace and Love~ Christine

Wasted Time


I sent my manuscript to my publisher today. As I was getting ready to send it I read through some notes I had and came to an astonishingly sad realization. I have spent an insane amount of money and time running from my purpose.

I have known for many years what it is that I’m meant to do- Encourage others (and myself) to live the best life they (I) can! And while I have and do this all the time and have since as far back as I can remember, I was not embracing my purpose. Year after year I would think of new ways to earn a living, and I was successful in most things that I would try, but it would not last. Of course when my children were young I worked for many years at the same job because I needed to provide for my children. But once they were grown I continued to chase the perfect career; not surprising, I never found it.

As I began writing, and definitely as I sat there with the finished product, I realized all those years spent chasing that career was wasted. Not that chasing a career is a bad thing, but for me it was because I knew what it was that I was to do, I knew I was supposed to write.  But I ran from it, I didn’t do what I knew I was being asked to do.

Why? Fear. Yes, it is that simple. I have been afraid of living my purpose since I have known what that purpose was.  I do not think this is uncommon, unfortunately I think it is way too common. Amazingly enough it is my own book that has helped me to embrace and grow into the person I need to be to reach my goals and live my purpose. And I know there is more to do and I will not run from it! Completely the opposite, today I am ready to start writing the next book!

Stop running from your purpose, from who you are. Embrace your purpose and take action. With the knowing of your purpose and the action to reach it you will be successful!

God Bless you all!