Don’t Ask Why………..


Welcome to my morning thoughts…….
Have you ever wondered why there is so much pain and problems in this world? Me too!!
Then I asked myself….”have I ever done anything to help stop it?”
Ahhh that is the question.
So I decided instead of looking to God to fix it all- why not use the talents He gave to me and do my part? Yep…there it is.
No more questions- action! I will not draw my last breath wishing I had done something! ❤


We all have gifts from God…yes; even YOU! ;)

spiritual gifts photo: Spiritual Gifts spiritualgifts.gif

I believe we were all born with spiritual gifts. I believe we all have the gifts of intuition and discernment. I think it’s a matter of whether we choose to use them or not. I think intuition and discernment are like muscles and if we do not use them, they go away. But I definitely believe we all have the ability to know these gifts.

Bottom line I believe we all have these abilities, not just a few chosen people; but all of us. I believe if we would just take time to sit quietly (daily) and get connected (reconnected) to God, Spirit, our higher power, source, etc….. we would very shortly find that we too have these gifts!

And then there are some gifts that are unique unto you!  And that is a beautiful thing!

What are your spiritual gifts?