Could YOU do this?


To forgive is to remove the chains that bind us. Forgiving others….. it is for US!! Yes, it may help the person you forgive, but it is for  you.

Once you are able to forgive, the healing can begin. When we pray, when we forgive, a window of opportunity opens, an opportunity for God to start the healing process.

Below is a link to a story about one of the ultimate acts of forgiveness. A father forgives the man, not just any man, but the son-in-law that he loved as his own son! What did the son-in-law do that needed forgiveness? He murdered this man’s daughter and grand-daughter.  In the same story they report on the people who can’t forgive. But concentrate on the one who can, who does.  It is his example that I want to think about, it is his forgiveness that I want to remember from this terrible tragic story.

Read for yourself here.

Tell me what you think…could YOU do what this father did?