blessings5Each day move forward into the blessings that are yours! Bring on the favor! Let it pour into and onto your life! All over you!

May you wake up each day with the earnest desire to seek your blessings, to speak your blessings! Earnestly, desperately, passionately, seek and accept your blessings!

Be thankful now, before you receive, with the knowing that it is yours!

And then…..

Pass it on! In magnificent generous love!

Do you think I’m AWESOME?!


Have you heard of Alexa ? It is a site that ranks websites ( well it is actually a web information company, but the ranking/popularity is what I am after!) you can also write a review for a website.  Having  a presence on Alexa is good for a website …with that in mind I have a favor to ask!

If you feel so inclined I would Love if you would go to the link below and write an honest review of Our Souls Purpose!   If I can ever return the favor I would be happy to! Or if you just need someone to tell you, in general, how awesome your blog/website is, I’m your woman!  🙂

Write a review for Our Souls Purpose!