There comes a time…..

emotionsI woke up with tears on my face last night….then I cried some more.  I don’t think about what she did to me much any more. She has decided to make it into a “no big deal” kind of a thing.  I realized when I woke up last night having had a dream (of what she did to me) I realized I never got angry. I was confused, I was dismayed, I was bewildered, I was hurt, I just plain did not understand! But I never really got angry! I never just said “that Bleeping B had no reason to do what she did and she is a bleeping B!” (And if she did have a reason she was too chicken SH** to talk about it like an adult)

Nope, I never went there. Why? Because I am above that!

BS!  None of us are above that. And sometimes we need to get angry to get past it.  I realized through my terrible dreams of this person that I need to get angry to close that chapter of my life.

Like I said I don’t think of it much anymore, but apparently my unconscious mind does.  So  I think I will get angry now. I will get angry at this very fake person and dislike her very being……for the moment. I will dislike her for what she did and for what she so easily gave away. Then I think I will move on.

Cause it feels right.

So for now…..My goodness that woman is a FAKE B!

ahemmmmm! Thank you!  That is all!