In Case You Did Not Want to Watch That Video……

Here is the gist of it!

This morning I was thinking about the difference between me today and me back in my 20’s! When I was a single mom raising my kids I can remember trying to keep a positive attitude! Me and my kids talked about the need to be positive often.

Today I wondered what the difference was from then to now? Because then I kept a positive attitude (a lot of the time) yet things did not necessarily change and that goes for my consistent long-term attitude too. Things were just hard a lot of the time. But I was positive, I kept a positive attitude, but that positive attitude had negativity in one form or another sprinkled here and there. Yet still, I was a pretty positive person! I just couldn’t figure out how to make that great change in my life!

So what is the difference? What changed so that I could make these permanent and consistent changes in my life? The “F” word! Yep, back then I came from a place of fear and today I come from a place of faith.
When I was younger I was so fearful of the bad stuff and desperate for change that it created an energy around me that was stress filled to say the least!
Today I’m filled with a faith, a knowing, that whatever may come it is part of my life experience and will not only pass but I will more than likely learn something from it.
Yesteryear I came from a place of fear and today I come from a place of faith! Faith is the difference.
It feels so much better to be in faith than in fear! And it attracts such favor into my life!
I hope you’re encouraged to seek things with a faith that you know it will be yours rather than a desperate fear of it never happening.


Let’s Talk About the “F” Word….


It has been a while since I have posted a video blog, so here ya go! An impromptu video from this morning. Yes, I am starting on my videos again, I think I have a better plan this time so I hope to be more successful over time. If you are curious about the plan just visit my channel at  The Gratitude Diva/The Gratitude Project. I need to figure out how to video better, how to talk better, how to edit…  Yes, I have a long way to go!

Silver lining? You can watch as I evolve into someone that knows what they are doing!!

I have to get my groove on! I have not found it yet.  Give me time, I will!

The Other Side of Fear!


In order to get what we want we must set goals, be organized, and disciplined! But do we need a positive mindset? 

Our wants can be a desire fueled by good energy OR it can spring forth from a place of lack. It is important to identify what we want and to have faith that we will get it. We need to know we are capable and nothing will stop us. And even sometimes while we feel we have this faith,it may be superficial, if we are not reaching our goals we need to examine the process as well as our heart.

 If your “want” comes from a place of lack then it comes from fear and fear will not get us what we want. It is ok to want just do so with the good energy of desire and faith- not fear.  And as always- be grateful!! It makes the whole process so much easier!  ❤️