Today Is As Good A Day As any….

Today is Tuesday,  but it is my Monday.  Why Monday? Because traditionally Monday is the start of the new week ( OK…it is the start of the work week, Sunday is the start of the new week!) Ok…so today is my Sunday ( Happy? )  Why Sunday? As I said tradition and new week……and new beginnings!  I need a new beginning! For a lot of reasons I need a new beginning, for the purpose of this post, the new beginning I am talking about is my health!

Do you believe in signs? I have been sick for the last 2 days, laying in the same bed for that entire time. The bed’s been fluffed and straightened many times over the last 48 hours. For the last 12 hours I have slept a lot, during the day I heard someone on the TV say ” God told me if I got myself fit I would reach all of my goals”  while the words struck a chord in me; because I have heard Him say that to me countless times, I still did not pay enough attention to it. Then this morning when I got out of bed I was walking into the bathroom when I felt something on my side sticking to my skin, I felt it come loose and fall to the floor, when I turned on the light  to investigate I saw it was a shiny penny!  How in the world did that penny get into my bed? I was not wearing anything that had pockets where a penny would’ve been hiding! For me…..I immediately knew it was God saying “ you heard me, get yourself healthy and all of your goals, personal and professional will be yours! Now what are you going to do?”

So first thing I decided to do is talk to you. Here I am in all my stark honesty ready to tell you what’s been happening with me for the last 5 years or so….hmmmm I guess it is more like going on 8 years! Wow!  Ok…so  I have always been a bit of a fitness fanatic, not in a bad way.  I would do anything if it meant getting out and being active! Me and my kids would go play tennis at night at the lighted courts by our house just to be out doing something. I worked out in many different ways a minimum of 5 times a week and loved it. I was very fit! I ate well and none of this was hard for me or felt forced. It was just who I was. And I loved who I was. I also see that for me exercise is usually not routine it is more just being active.  As a side note, in the last 48 hours I also watched a documentary entitled “Happy” where they talked about longevity and one of the longest living cultures of people are very active, but not by doing routine exercise but by doing what they traditionally love as a culture, like dancing or farming.  Funny that I see that and hear the other thing, 2 things that very much apply to my life.  Again –signs.

So fast forward 7 years and I now live in Indiana (I grew up in and had always lived in California). I am still working out just as much if not more because I am the manager of a women’s gym. I am a little heavier than I was back in California but I am 7 years older and now in my 40’s. But I am still fit and healthy.  Then I decide that I want to pursue other career paths and leave the gym.  This begins the downward spiral that ensues for the next 8 years.  What follows are 8 years of inactivity, sporadic exercise at best. And poor eating habits.  I gain over 30 pounds and am not healthy any longer! I begin years of yo-yo dieting. I lose 25 gain 25, I even lost 48 in my recent attempt and have gained back about 20 of that. And so it continues. I have always felt moving to Indiana was the “death” of my fit life! The cultures are so different! Eating and activity levels are so different! It was more than I could handle and I succumbed to the bad influences!

Look I am not here to make excuses….. I have issues! I know how to eat right and I know how to exercise!  I also have the advantage of loving to do both!  I have come to realize that I have large issues and I am just getting to the point of understanding them, thanks to my studies.  In order to become an Empowerment Coach I must first Empower myself!  In doing so I am learning that I have issues and where they come from. It is amazing to me how deeply hidden these issues can be, but for me what is even more amazing is how easy it is to identify that there is a problem in the first place! Easy for me to say now that I am studying these things! Having said that…..  Why is it easy to identify? Simple! If you are not living your purpose, every day doing the thing that is your passion, then you have some sort of block keeping you from that purpose. Period.  It may be small or large….but it is something! Most often than not we just do not feel worthy to succeed!

We all want to live our passion and we all can live our passion.  If we are not then we need to get to work on the roadblocks that are stopping us from doing so! First and foremost get rid of the excuses! It is not because of so and so or this and that, it is not because of bad influences… is US.  We need to accept that, accept that all is within our control and move on! If we need help from a coach, then GO! If we can get the work done by reading or listening to an audio or attending seminars…then GO!  But GO!  DO IT!  We will know when we are on the right path because everything will start to fall into place.

Live your passion starting today! Or at least start on the road to living it! Fulfill your destiny…. everything is within you. God did not put you here without the right tools to make it happen! You just need to wake up and smell the success!!

God has told me more times than I can count,( and yesterday he drove it home once again) that once I get myself in order , fit from head to toe, all of my goals will be mine. Period.  HE is waiting.   So what am I waiting for?

~Peace and Love to you all!


Today I am Grateful For……Choices!


This is a word that comes up daily for me. Whether it is in talking with others, helping,listening to others or just chatting with myself! YES,I chat with myself! Don’t you?  🙂

I am so grateful today for Choices! It has been a while since I wrote about my gratitude, specifically what I am grateful for today. Well here it is.

I woke up this morning in Sunny Florida and thanked the Lord that I am here, with my husband, enjoying a beautiful holiday!

After being thankful 🙂  I went in to get dressed where upon I realized  I may actually have put on a few pounds over the last few weeks of vacationing FUN….. this is when I became very thankful for choices!

Choices are something that is never far from  my mind. I think accepting our ability, my ability, to make choices is what lead to my biggest aha!  When I realized that there was nothing in this world that I had to let bother me or get me down, I really had to stop and think about that. I mean…really…that is HUGE! If you accept it for what it really means!

For me, today, what it means is that when I realized I have put on a few pounds I could get depressed about it, since I have worked hard to get the weight off, or I can just take care of it! Period!
And take care of it is what I am going to do! Because it is my choice to wallow and probably keep gaining or be grateful for my ability to choose to do something about it!!  Yay LIFE!

Oh and then there is the choice to let this weight gain cause a bitter nasty spirit today! Hmmmmmm…what do you think I will do!?  I am going to enjoy a beautiful day here in Florida with my husband and be really grateful that I am in 87 degree weather, enjoy it before I have to go back to the less than 70 degree weather!

Have a great day! And exercise your right to make choices!!  And make them good for you choices will you?!

Peace and Love,


No More Excuses!

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about my spiritual journey and not a lot talking about other aspects of my coaching. I talk to people about their spiritual journey and about nutrition,exercise and other mental/physical things that can create, not necessarily positive, situations in our life.
I thought beginning today I should start spending a little bit of time each week talking about things other than our spiritual journey! Or I should say…in addition to.

With that in mind I want to chat a little bit today about exercise and its benefits. And maybe give you a few suggestions on what to do if you are having a problem getting motivated or if you have just found yourself in a good old-fashioned “RUT” .

I will start by saying that I have always been an exercise freak!   Yeah I am one of those people who was always logging in 20+ hours a week on my workouts! I love exercise! But as I have gotten older it has definitely been more of a challenge for me. I, as a rule, have never been a runner, I walk…I may even walk fast! But I never run! My workouts of choice have always been Cardio and strength in the form of weights and treadmills,dance and aerobics.

So what are some of the benefits of regular exercise?
Exercise is not only good for your body it is good for your mind. It helps to create energy as well as helps to clear the mind, alleviate stress and can help with depression. It can help you to feel better about yourself too.

The thing to do is to START….you may not believe it and you may not want to do it…. but you should just do it, you will see. And once you start, do not stop. You do not have to hit it hard everyday!! Just move in some way each and everyday!

Even if you get not use that as an excuse to stop. At least not entirely! If you have a bad ankle or knee….do upper body work. If it is a shoulder injury, do lower body work. Stay in the game, even if only a little.  It is easier, once the injury is recovered, to start working out the entire body again if you never really stopped! You just modified. I know too many people, including myself, who stopped when injured , the next thing you know it is 6 months later, or worse and you no longer work out, at all! You have put on some weight and have ZERO motivation to get started. Please do not get me wrong! I am not advocating that your routine should include the injured area. I am just saying there are other things you can do that will not stress your injury. Always follow what your Dr says and never do anything without consulting your Dr first!

So, make sure that you move every day. Even if it is a short walk or 20 minutes of floor work…whatever, do something! We all have to start somewhere!  Heck…turn the radio on or put a CD in and let the music move you.  If it is really good music 30 minutes will fly by! <SMILE>

I hope you move today…and tomorrow…and the next day….and, well, you get the point!