excusesPart of being grown up and enlightened is resisting (overcoming) the desire to lay blame. Sure we can always find a way to reason that our actions were not as mean as they  were perceived to be, or we had good reason to be the way we were, or that person gave me no choice!  We can reason away everything we have ever done! Go ahead….I know you can do it!

But I have a question; after all the excuses good reasons….. what really matters? The way we treat someone is on us, not on them. In the end it is not about what someone did to deserve the crap we handed them…..it is more about how we treat people in the good and the bad times!  How we treat others even when we feel they do not deserve good treatment….this is who we are! This is what matters! Do you have a habit of turning away from people when they need you, ending relationships with no reason or without talking to the other person (abandoning people), flying off the handle when there is conflict, or being very blunt for a persons own good? I can go on and on with all the ways we can make others feel worthless, treating people with the disrespect we would never want to be treated with!  But I imagine you get my point.

When we make excuses for our behavior we are not helping anyone, especially not ourselves. Until we can be honest with ourselves ( as honest as we love to be with others) about how we treat people and how we would not like this same treatment…until we can honestly stop blaming others and start treating people the way we want to be treated…in good times and bad times….  there is a good possibility we will not be living our authentic best life!

We can all say…..“well it was for her own good!”  or ” I needed to be away from the drama!” or any of the many other things we say that we seem to believe erases our bad behavior!  But it is all an illusion! Our behavior is who we are. And remember we have a choice on how we handle things!  I am in no way saying we need to put up with things that are not in our best interest…. I’m simply saying the way we handle the situation and our possible departure from a relationship is what matters!  And it is on YOU! In the end…that is what matters, you have to live with you and one day, if not today, this will come up. These things have a way of rearing their ugly little heads.

Good, bad, and ugly! It is all YOU! Stop making excuses and just be someone you can be proud of! No more excuses.  If you hurt someone don’t tell them it was not meant the way they took it…..say you’re sorry! And when you say you’re sorry for heaven’s sake don’t follow it up with some lame comment that starts with “but”………


No More Excuses!

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about my spiritual journey and not a lot talking about other aspects of my coaching. I talk to people about their spiritual journey and about nutrition,exercise and other mental/physical things that can create, not necessarily positive, situations in our life.
I thought beginning today I should start spending a little bit of time each week talking about things other than our spiritual journey! Or I should say…in addition to.

With that in mind I want to chat a little bit today about exercise and its benefits. And maybe give you a few suggestions on what to do if you are having a problem getting motivated or if you have just found yourself in a good old-fashioned “RUT” .

I will start by saying that I have always been an exercise freak!   Yeah I am one of those people who was always logging in 20+ hours a week on my workouts! I love exercise! But as I have gotten older it has definitely been more of a challenge for me. I, as a rule, have never been a runner, I walk…I may even walk fast! But I never run! My workouts of choice have always been Cardio and strength in the form of weights and treadmills,dance and aerobics.

So what are some of the benefits of regular exercise?
Exercise is not only good for your body it is good for your mind. It helps to create energy as well as helps to clear the mind, alleviate stress and can help with depression. It can help you to feel better about yourself too.

The thing to do is to START….you may not believe it and you may not want to do it…. but you should just do it, you will see. And once you start, do not stop. You do not have to hit it hard everyday!! Just move in some way each and everyday!

Even if you get injured..do not use that as an excuse to stop. At least not entirely! If you have a bad ankle or knee….do upper body work. If it is a shoulder injury, do lower body work. Stay in the game, even if only a little.  It is easier, once the injury is recovered, to start working out the entire body again if you never really stopped! You just modified. I know too many people, including myself, who stopped when injured , the next thing you know it is 6 months later, or worse and you no longer work out, at all! You have put on some weight and have ZERO motivation to get started. Please do not get me wrong! I am not advocating that your routine should include the injured area. I am just saying there are other things you can do that will not stress your injury. Always follow what your Dr says and never do anything without consulting your Dr first!

So, make sure that you move every day. Even if it is a short walk or 20 minutes of floor work…whatever, do something! We all have to start somewhere!  Heck…turn the radio on or put a CD in and let the music move you.  If it is really good music 30 minutes will fly by! <SMILE>

I hope you move today…and tomorrow…and the next day….and, well, you get the point!